30 Dec 2017

Fashion Angels

So I periodically find myself browsing ebay (dangerous I know) and sometimes odd things pop up that I find interesting.

Like these.
They're Fashion Angels... apparently.
I'd never heard of them till I stumbled upon an ebay listing for them.

They were I think made about the same year as TY Girlz, Groovy Girlz, This is Me and all those other plushie fashion dolls.
it was a real THING in the mid 2000s evidently.

I thought they were fascinating and their outfits looked to be really well made so I took the plunge and placed some 99p bids on a few of the listings the seller had.

I won 2 full dolls and a pile of clothing and shoes.

These girls are quite a lot larger than the others, well maybe TY Girlz were a similar size, I can't remember too well.

Anyway, they have massive heads, fully removable outfits, shoes and interestingly, wigs.
they're also articulated with some sort of skeleton inside so they pose. It feels like bear armature, it's knobbly.

They're about the same height as my MSD bjds. However they are a bit wider.

My Resinsoul girls are very skinny for MSD size though. From what I can tell, a chunkier and more normally proportioned MSD girl could fit these clothes okay.
As it stands, they sort of swamp Lyric.

The shoes are WAY too big, but I did get some heels onto my SD boy. He wasn't impressed.

Their wigs are also not actually wigs as such, they're sort of a soft pad with hair sewn to it.

They attach the head with velcro.

And are completely interchangable. Which is a kinda cool feature. Sadly the wigs aren't particularly good quality. While the curly wig is pretty decent still, the two straight ones that came with the lot are really frazzled.

There were at least 4 characters in this line and what I find especially curious is that every single one had a unique face. They could have just embroidered the same face in different skin tones but nope, every one of them has differently shaped eyes, a different nose and every different lips and brows.

These two are Bebe (dark hair) and Debo (blue hair).
Debo? What sort of a name is Debo?

They came with a LOT of clothing.

Husband's Luts MSD stole the PJ set lol. It looks actually pretty dang good on her. Sadly I don't have a picture as she's upstairs and you know, not mine.

There's an assortment of shoes. Sneakers, slip ons that fall off way too easily and even some heels. They're all beautifully made with plastic soles and very sturdy feeling. Sadly the design on the sandals isn't very good, they slip constantly from the big plush feet.

All the clothes are nicely made too, all hemmed and finished and made from a wide variety of fabrics. The jacket is made from a sort of textured material and trimmed with little beads. The leggings on Debo are velveteen and trimmed with lace. Her dress is some sort of stretchy lace and her bag not only unzips but actually extends open like a real bag would.

I actually bought this pair to see if their clothing fit anything else but I find them oddly charming. Bebe especially. I think she's got a sweet face and I really like her wig.

I admit, I kinda like the idea of plush fashion dolls. There were a bit of a fad that seemed to die off but they're not a bad idea. The larger size and soft limbs make them easier for a younger child to dress and the fact they're soft also makes them huggable and safer for a very young kid to interact with.

I no longer own any TY girls but I do have a TIM (this is me) doll and a Groovy Girl laying about.

The TIM doll has wire inside so she stands and poses like the Fashion Angels, though unlike the fashion angels she has no joints inside so actually she's more durable. Debo's ankle is broken and because her armature is a bit odd it only bends at certain points and over bending it or being too rough causes it to break. It doesn't feel like it would be that durable long term. Not like the TIM doll who feels like she'll remain bendy and posey for years to come.

All three of these dolls have embroidered features, all in quite different styles.
The TIM doll, who's name is Denny i think,  has the most ornate face, but the Groovy Girl (Dela) has such a grin on her face she just endears herself to me.

Both Denny and Dela have rooted hair. Groovy Girl has actual yarn while TIM's hair is some sort of strange soft ribbony wool stuff. It feels sooo nice.

Neither can have their hair brushed of course, and both are stuck with their style and colour. Debo on the other hand could don a variety of wigs and share them with any other of the Fashion Angels. It looks like they sold wig pads separately too for even more mixing and matching.

Naked there's a big difference.

The groovy girl has a floppy ragdoll body with no real definition and a little embroidered belly button and sewn on panties, tights/socks and shoes.

The TIM doll has no bust but does have removable panties and she did originally come with removable lace up shoes too. I dunno what happened to them. Her hat comes off too, but it's stitched to her head and i couldn't be bothered removing the packaging threads. But there's definitely hair underneath the hat.

The Fashion Angel has plush boobs (they're hard lol) and a strange outie belly button. Her body is honestly pretty dang ugly naked and kinda creepy, I dunno, I find it offputting and a bit uncomfortable. Let's get her dressed again.

As it turns out, despite having such different body shapes, Groovy Girl and Fashion Angels are close enough to share clothes. Dela is of course a lot shorter and has huge sewn on shoes so leggings and such aren't going to work but tops and dresses fit. They're just a bit longer on her and slightly loose in the bust region.
Meanwhile Debo can wear Groovy Girl clothing as well. Her dress is pretty sinfully short but this dress wasn't originally this short, it was a long wedding dress I cut up. It would have been to Debo's sort of.. knees? otherwise.

Dela can wear Debo's jacket too but the sleeves are too long. Still, it almost works.

She looks so dang pleased with herself.

The rest of the clothing I will try to find again and get pics of. I kinda.. put it all away and I think it's in the big box under the sofa and arghhh.

this is what happens when I procrastinate on getting review pics up, I tidy stuff away and lose it. *headdesk* 


  1. could I see a pic of the fashion angels with switched wigs please?

  2. Do you think any other brands would have shoes that could work for the fashion angels? I'm super intrigued by them and I'm considering purchasing a bebe, but her shoelessness is a put off for me lol

    1. their shoes seemed to fit my SD sized bjd, though he was pretty unimpressed about wearing pink heels lol. So closed toe or lace up sd sized shoes should fit. If they're a bit too big being closed or lacing up will keep them on. Unfortunately I don't really collect larger scale dolls so i'm not sure about anything else. Maybe someone with american girl and similar size dolls can give you the measurements for their shoes?