17 Mar 2020

BJDs - Dream Valley arrival

It's been 9 months, but they're here! they're finally here!

the most expensive doll order i've done to date.

So much box! actually it's four boxes taped together. Lol. Random.

11 Mar 2020

Hairdorables Hairdudables bff 2 pack series 2

Whew that title was a mouthful huh?

I haven't bought any of the basic season Hairdorables since series 2, blind bags piss me off too much, but the two packs generally speaking come with a confirmed "blind" boy and I LOVE boy dolls anyway.

Unfortunately, the UK is crap atm so toy stores aren't getting a lot on shelves, instead it's all being sold online and in assortments so you can't pick which damn girl you get. -_-

this makes me cranky.

I took a gamble that Amazon would AT LEAST send me two different ones if I ordered them at the same time and used the vouchers my dad gave me for christmas to buy two sets.

4 Mar 2020

this was a mistake - Ebay bundle

So as you know, big bundles are my weakness.
I can't help myself.

So here's another one.

Only this time i'm honestly not convinced i'm gonna make my money back. Hmm.

I mean usually I at least break even and keep a couple of dolls but this time...


let's get to it

19 Feb 2020

LOL OMG Lights - Angles

Shit MGA, slow the fuck down, this is too much too fast!
The previous wave only hit in December! And already there's a whole new one!??

November was the snow line, december was the next lot and now feb for this set.

18 Feb 2020

A small roundup - charity and ebay again

As I wait impatiently for Amazon to actually get stuff into damn stock, i'm trying to be good and NOT buy too much random stuff.

It's taking a lot of strength. Ebay bundles are a big weakness man.

But I needed to get out the house yesterday so I hit the charity shops.

31 Jan 2020

Roundup - AKA other crap I bought this month and couldnt fill a whole review with.

I overspent massively this January, but that's nothing new. Jan is restock season, it's the point where, flushed with christmas money, temptation is everywhere.

And so yeah... I splurged... a lot.


21 Jan 2020

Hairdorables Hairmazing Harmony and Kali

Better op

I never know what to put before the cut.

It's hard to write a preamble you know?

Anyway, these arrived at last.

Amazon screwed up my preorder AGAIN. See, you'd expect with a preorder, and indeed literally every other shop does it this way, that when stock came in they'd immediately package up the preorders and prep them to dispatch.
Oh no, not Amazon. That'd be waaaaay too efficient.

Instead what they do is put ALL the stock into regular sales online and then a week later go "oops, that's right, we owe you a preorder" and dispatch at their leisure.

So these girls came into stock on amazon on the 15th. They didn't actually dispatch to me till the 21st. I would have gotten them quicker had I NOT preordered. How's that for fuckery?

So yeah, yet again, Amazon fucking suck.