18 Sep 2019

Stuff I bought

I'm not supposed to be buying stuff, i'm kinda stressing about money and I have a big layaway i'm slowly paying off but you know me, i'm weak and when i'm feeling a bit down well... stuff happens.

Also when I am trying to be good all the great deals hit. ARGH...

So here's the things I bought this month/stuff I fixed up:

20 Aug 2019

LOL OMG Neonlicious

I preorders finally came in. Hairdorables boys which I reviewed last time and my LOL OMG doll.

17 Aug 2019

Hairdorables HairDUDEables BFF pack - boy dolls!

Amazon kinda messed up my preorder a bit. See, my tracking claimed "arriving today before 8pm" on Monday and then at about 11:30 that morning changed its mind and I was emailed all "oops, we ran out of stock, now arriving end september!"

Suffice to say I was pretty annoyed because they LIED about it being delivered that day and i was waiting in.
So I moaned at them over live chat and they gave me a small voucher to say sorry for dicking me around.

As it turned out, their stock wasn't delayed by a whole 6 weesks though, they came back into stock last night and arrived today.


So, my boy set is here!

14 Aug 2019

A belated "stuff I bought this month" post

Man i've gotten myself a bit behind with blogs.

It's the school holidays right now so that's a big distraction, plus i'm dealing with fairly regularly headaches so that also kinda kills my motivation.

Still, i'm gonna try to catch up, and the best way to do that is to do a big ol' "stuff" post.

So let's get to it!

4 Aug 2019

Capsule Chix by Moose Toys

Restock is HERE!


We popped out to the big shopping area to see what was on shelves. No LOL OMG (argos had ONE in stock but it wasn't one I wanted) and no new Hairdorables, but the Entertainer had Capsule Chix.

At £15 each I only picked up one. Just to see what I thought of Garret Sanders' (who designed Monster High) new toy line.

2 Aug 2019

Island Doll Monster Pumpkin Head

I admit it, i'm a lazy bum when it comes to writing these reviews.
I'm sorry!

I still have bits to write up and photos to take nghh.

But while we wait for that, my "I NEED THIS" doll purchase from earlier in the year finally arrived a few weeks ago.

22 Jul 2019

Basaak and Jecci Five - Blythe clones and face carving FUN

This title makes me sound like a psychopath bwhaha.

A local lady was selling some Blythe clones/knockoffs for stupidly cheap.
I've been considering trying my hand at customising those big headed freaky things for years but was always put off by how expensive they were and how much WORK making them NOT look terrifying actually takes (sanding, carving, the whole shebang)
but for the price I figured if I messed up, no biggy you know? I could practice some fairly difficult skills (carving a doll's face) without worrying about destroying something worth £££

So I got 2.