25 Mar 2017

Living Dead Dolls Series 33 - Moulin Morgue - Maitre Des Mortes and Madame La Morte

Yep i'm back, kinda.

though I will warn you, my focus has shifted rather a lot due to recent events.

Honestly most playline stuff currently on shelves isn't working for me anyway, the doll aisles are very barren which added to me boycotting Mattel, leaves me with very little options for toy fixes.

So I returned to my Living Dead Dolls. Which I collect sporadically.
Series 31 I loved, series 32 I hated... a lot. Series 33 however? Back to the usual "i like a couple but not all of them" standard. And i'm good with this because these aren't cheap dolls. With 5 per series and 2 series a year plus special releases and LDD Presents and all that, it's not a cheap franchise to collect.

Add to that our terribly weak pound, prices for everything have skyrocketed. Last year these dolls were retailing for about £26. Now they're almost £30 each.
That's pretty painful.

So I can only justify ones I LOVE.
And I have a bit of a soft spot for black and white dollies.

10 Feb 2017

There was going to be a review here, but then I got upset instead.

Mattel have now blocked me on facebook.
This comes after they locked me out from being able to pm them (after THEY pmed me asking for contact details, wtf?)
And after they blacklisted my email and stopped responding to my emails (I didn't send that many, I just wanted an answer beyond "stock reply, return to store" you know? I wanted a person not a fucking robot.
Now they've blocked me

and I feel like i'm going through a breakup.

It really hurts.

I don't think their customer service team really appreciate the damage they've done here. They have ruined what was, for me, a life raft. Something that really did help my mental health and gave me something to look forward to, something to smile about. They've taken it from me by literally blocking me from the fandom.
I've been kicked out.
And as a result i'm in the clutches of that depression troll that lives in my head and whispers nasty things. It LOVES when people treat me like shit, because it gives it ammo.

I wasn't important enough to care about. My blog wasn't big enough. I wasn't good enough at writing to get a decent human response. I don't matter and never will matter and no amount of passion or love for a brand will change the fact that i'm just not good enough.
and they dumped me.

and I don't actually know how to handle it. I am not a well person. I am neuro atypical and I have a mental illness, my brain doesn't work like normal people's and never will. I feel everything magnified by like.. 1000x, I give my absolute everything into the things I obsess over and so this... this is just spectacularly cruel.

So there won't be any reviews for a while because honestly, i'm not sure i'll even get out of bed for the next week.
I mean what's the point?

My chest hurts, my head hurts from crying and I know it's dumb and that just makes me feel worse because I feel stupid for feeling so upset. I feel like a grown woman shouldn't be fucking sobbing because customer service were mean but they were SO dismissive and so shitty over so many layers of contact and it's worn me down. I have no more fight left, they win. I lose.
I always lose.

And I know so many of my readers will roll their eyes all "eugh melodrama" or "oh attention seeking" but that's really not it. I'm used to being ignored, my whole life the only attention I ever got was negative. This is more trying to rationalize my feelings to myself, and I just can't.
I over invested emotionally and now i'm paying the price.
I gave too much of myself.
I became too reliant on one thing bringing me joy.
MH was like a drug, or alchohol or.. food to some people. An addiction that made life that little easier to tolerate.

I'd already lost Makies, and left that community after some pretty incredible pettiness and cruelty. And it's happening all over again only this time, it's not other fans, it's the actual company being the assholes and that makes it so much more hurtful.

I honestly just don't know what to do or how to make the hurting stop. People are all "oh you'll feel better in a few days" but honestly? No, i'll just feel numb. that's how it works. I get hurt, and then I get numb.
but the passion? it's been killed. It's dead. And I don't know if i'm going to be able to rekindle that in other toys.
If i'll be able to continue to blog with such candid passion. I feel like, maybe the universe is telling me I should just grow up. Put away childish things and just... stop.

But i'm not sure I want to live in the adult world. It's always been so cruel to me.

I just... I feel deflated, defeated, exhausted.

They had so... so many chances to actually talk to me and engage in a proper conversation but they never did. I gave them my phone number when they asked, they never called. They had every opportunity to actually discuss things, but they didn't want to. Every step of the way it's been my fault, my problem, and lies upon lies upon lies and you know, at this point, i'm too tired to even be angry. I am just hurt.
I think the biggest slap in the face was the fake email they sent me praising my "passion and enthusiasm" which turned out to be a copy/paste form letter, so was in fact, all lies.
That I think was the point where I realised how much contempt Mattel had for me and other fans. The point where it really hit home that I was less than shit to them. Not even an ant, an annoying midge perhaps that you swat or poison.

And they won, because i'm all out of fight, i'm all out of passion. I'm done.
I'm just completely.. .and utterly done.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/flying_purple_monkfish/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Here's a link to my ebay, i'll be adding stuff as and when I sort through it. This was box 1. I have 2 large shelves, several more boxes and a few other hiding places stashed about. So expect dolls, accessories, playsets. All sorts. I might not sell everything, but i'm going to seriously cull back the collection. I kept literally 3 Barbie dolls. I have more to track down, i'm not sure where I put them.


And then Mattel called the police.

Okay so, I sent them one final email basically telling them what I said in this blog. That I was down, I was upset and it was all so absolutely unneccisary of them to be such dicks.
I called them on lying to me repeatedly, asking for my phone number when they had no intention of calling, that sort of thing and told them I was done with their company and their franchises and they'd lost a very loyal customer with their stupidity.

We went out to get lunch at Pizza Express when my phone rang. It was the met police.
Of course, I immediately started to panic, why were the fuzz calling me?
"We've had a report from a toy company you're engaged in a disagreement with?"
Ahh crap, I thought, i'm getting a restraining order or something.
"what'd I DO!?" I asked desperately.
 "oh no it's nothing like that!" the friendly sounding cop told me. "they were worried about your last email to them so we're outside your house but you aren't home. Are you okay?"

so yeah, Mattel sent suicide watch round.

W... t... f?

like... proportionate reasonable response? To escalate things to such a point you're now sending cops to make sure the customer you pissed off is still alive? that's insane.

I assured the cop I wasn't going to hurt myself over something this freaking dumb and went back to my lunch.

I'm glad I wasn't home. Having cops knock on my door would have been extremely upsetting and very very anxiety inducing. I don't much like cops, last time they came around for something it was very very bad so having them knocking is very likely to have caused me to have a complete panic attack.
Not cool Mattel. Not cool.

I mean I get it in a way, they were worried blah blah blah, but ffs, it shouldn't have reached this point and they should have tried to contact me themselves. Sending cops feels like such an overreaction. I never said i was going to hurt myself, I told them I was pissed off and upset with them. I mean really, just fucking phone me you cowardly assholes.

I emailed them when I got home to tell them I didn't much appreciate police but that I was alright and they should just call me, honest, I wasn't scary and I wasn't going to yell at them, just freaking phone me and let's talk.
They haven't and I seriously doubt they will.
They've ignored my last 4 emails, blocked me on fb, deleted my posts and aren't responding on twitter or tumblr or any social media either.
So they clearly have no interest in actually engaging with me and my complaint or indeed making anything right after their gross mishandling of the whole ordeal.

I mean, here's what SHOULD have happened.

I email to say "this product isnt' acceptable"
they send back their standard "return to store" robot response.
I reply "no, I can't easily get to the store and it costs me a bus fare there and back to do so, I don't want to be out of pocket because you screwed up"
they should at this point have done what they usually do." here's a free post label to return it to us, pop in post and we'll send you a voucher for the amount."
THAT was what they usually do and that is what I anticipated. Annoying yes, it would involve a walk to the post office but it wouldn't have left me out of pocket and it would have taken one afternoon and been sorted.

THAT is how this whole mess should have been sorted. 4 fricken emails, that's all it would have taken. 2 from me, 2 from them. Done, dusted.

Instead I got
Mattel - "return to store"
Me - "that'll cost me money"
Mattel - "return to store"
Me - "but it'll cost me money"
Mattel - "return to store, we can't do anything, if you're not happy, return to store" along with more implications that there was nothing "wrong" with the product I was just being fussy. (assholes)
Me- *rings them* "hi I want to discuss this poorly constructed doll"
Mattel - "return to store" *click*

Of course at this point I got mad at being fobbed off.
I contacted the US branch to complain.

I got a very nice reply, which initially made me feel like they were listening. Until I learned it was a very cunningly deceptively written form letter they were sending to anyone who complained, thus making it utterly insincere and making me feel a fool for believing it was real.

I posted reviews and photos across any social media platform I could to make sure everyone knew about the problem. Continued to try to get a resolution from Mattel.
they stopped replying to emails.
they contacted me on facebook asking for my email address and phone number which I gave them
they said they'd call to discuss it.
they didn't.
I called them on this complete radio silence, they ignored me.
I tried to PM them to find I could no longer do so on fb. I called them on this to be told some shit about "closing their inbox" (is that even possible?) I still couldn't reply.
I told them on their wall that if they were going to phone me to bloody well do it or admit they'd lied to try to get rid of me
they blocked me.

I emailed Argos.
they immediately phoned me, literally 2 minutes after I sent the email they rang.
"Yes we'll take that return, no you don't need the original box, just pop into store it's fine."
So i did. They refunded me onto my card. Lovely customer service and no argument. I showed the guy behind the till the doll and the crappy limbs and even he, who was just some dude behind a till was all "hmm that doesn't look right" and bam, refund.
 I had to travel all the way to argos though, because Mattel didn't want to send me a damn returns label. WHY? Are they too expensive or something? Like, seriously guys?

Argos showed how you handle customer complaints. They were pleasant, friendly and let me rant. They were nothing but kind and accomidating.
Learn from Argos Mattel.

Anyway, by this point I was pissed off with Mattel for their contemptuous treatment of the whole thing and their blocking of me and ignoring.
I sent another email asking why they were ignoring me, they sent me a stock "we've forwarded your complaint to the relevant departments" (i'm still sure this means the shredder) . So after being unable to contact them for a few days i sent a last email and they sent cops.
because THAT seems reasonable right?

I just... I don't get how this escalated like this. What the hell happened here? They had so many chances to either send me a damn returns label or just phone me and speak to me like a fucking human being. All I wanted was to be treated like a person and get a genuine response and not a robotic one, I wanted to feel like my complaint was being taken seriously and I also wanted to be able to return the faulty product without this implication that I was just being fussy or difficult.
Is it really being difficult to expect a doll to be put together correctly? I mean ffs.
Venus is the first and only mh doll i have EVER returned to the store because she's so fucked up.And that's shocking. I mean, 6 years and this is the first time i've been so disappointed with a purchase.
She was, quite literally, the worst and most disappointing monster high doll i've ever handled. It's shocking those were allowed out of the factory in such quantity and speaks volumes of what mattel think of their customers.  I've returned faulty products before, but usually for a replacement because it's just the one individual with smeared makeup or something. Never have i returned something and not wanted a replacement because all the replacements are just as crappily made.

Their handling of this whole situation has only furthered that opinion that they couldn't care less.
they sent cops not because they care about me, but to cover their asses should something happen. They dont' even have the damn balls to reply to my freaking emails or just phone me like they said they would a week ago.
Like.. wtf?
Wasting police time was seen as preferable to just PHONING A CUSTOMER to deal with a complaint?
That's fucking insanity.
Mattel have totally lost the plot.
If they'd have just phoned me when they said they would we could have had a talk and maybe resolved all this, could have saved me a lot of mental anguish and misery and them a lot of paperwork.

I mean, yesterday i was bemused about the cops but having slept on it? now i'm actually pissed off. Wasting police resources like that, sending police to someone's home (clearly they have my home address then, interesting as I didn't give it to them this time around, it must be in their files from last time they SENT ME A RETURN LABEL) is a huge overreaction not to mention potentially making things so much worse. You don't just send police to someone, police scare people. Police checking up on you is seldom anything to desire or be happy about, it's quite upsetting to have police come knocking to speak to you. Now there's going to be a file about me on police records and that's not cool guys. I mean, if I have a CRB check done will this pop up? I dunno, but it makes me uncomfortable.
Mattel made matters worse by overreacting, and they still haven't unblocked me, or phoned me, or emailed.
they're too cowardly to actually communicate with me, they'd rather send the fuzz.


9 Feb 2017

Venus situation and Mattel - A bit of a ramble about mental health and shoddy business practices.

8 Feb 2017

Monster High - Party Ghouls, Garden Ghouls - Abbey, Rochelle, Venus

So I went shopping

Yeah I know I keep saying i'm done with MH, but... SALES happen and i'm weak.

The Frightmares were £3 in Asda. I've been eying up Penelope for a while. They had all of the second wave ones, so fire, ice, steampunk, deer and rerelease of the green seamonster one.

The zelf was the only one they had. He was full price but I haven't bought a Zelf in ages and he's a werewolf so.. yay.

I was waiting for electrified Clawdeen to come down in price and was umming and ahhing over the garden ghouls.
Then Argos had their 7 days of deal sale and Clawdeen dropped from £20 to £13 and the garden ghouls dropped from £16:99 to £11:29

I ordered three in and knowing Argos and their price rubbish (you pay the price ON THE DAY not the day you ordered unless you pay in advance) I opted for their collect in store but pay now option.

I wasn't sure they'd give me one of each because Argos keep putting assortments under ONE catalogue number. So you order and you can get any random dolls from the assortment. You can't pick unless you physically go into store and view them.
I figured i'd get duplicates, but hoped to get at least 2 different ones. Going in to pick them up had the advantage that 1: I would only pay the sale price and 2: I could easily and immediately return any errored or duplicated dolls.

So my order took almost a week to show up but I picked them up on Monday. The staff member brought out three dolls. 2 Venus, 1 Rochelle. One of the venus dolls had a seriously errored face, her eyes were shunted to the right so one eye was almost on her NOSE and the other was on her damn temple. wtf?
I asked if they had any more, I knew they had at least one more in store because I had checked their stock the night before. So the staff member wandered out back and came back with Abbey.

So I picked less wonked Venus and off we went.

I'll be looking at them today, saving Clawdeen and the frightmares for later.

2 Feb 2017

Monster high reboot - Signature Clawdeen First Day at School

After months of being advertised and shown off on social media, the new signature dolls for Cleo, Clawdeen and Lagoona FINALLY hit the UK (Very and Bentzen's toys are the only places i've seen them so far)

Be aware if you are thinking of ordering via Very, their "pay by paypal" function doesn't seem to actually work. I tried this myself and they took my money, but didn't generate an order. then they duplicated the payment so they took payment twice and took no order. took me over a week to get them to find and refund me, and another week for paypal to process.
So yeah... headache. Very lost themselves a customer there, I didn't even get a proper apology so screw em. 

Today i'll be looking at  Clawdeen.
I was going to order the other two as well but Cleo's tinsel hair put me off and Lagoona's sewn together one piece looking outfit made me go "nooope"

It's a blast from the past seeing the price point though. £14:99, which is what MH dolls cost when they were first launched heh.

18 Jan 2017

Barbie I Can Be Games Designer

Going through old photos I found a bunch of reviews I never wrote. Oops?

so we're doing this one while I edit photos for my next actually recent release review hah.

I bought Games Designer Barbie middle of last year, as a geek gal myself I kinda HAD to support coder Barbie right? And I already have Computer Engineer Barbie (her binary shirt is awesome)

Anyway, this isn't a long review so let's dive right on in without any preamble