11 Oct 2018

Thinking about giving up.

Angst ahead, ignore.

1 Oct 2018

Living Dead Dolls series 35 - 20th anniversary

It's been 20 years since two guys started showing off their creepy horror themed dollies at art shows and such. 20 years since the concept of Living Dead Dolls was first dreamed up.
So here we are, at series 35, the 20th anniversary edition.

Now to be clear, this isn't 20 years of Mezco producing these commercially. Living Dead Dolls only became commercially available in 2000, but for a few years prior they had been a thing at horror conventions and art shows, hand painted and as a result, one of a kind. 

Even so, series 35 is celebrating "20 years of horror" and is rather a special little set.

22 Sep 2018

Polly Pocket reboot and Shopkins lil' Secrets


tiny... toys guys!

See, I was a kid of the 90s, an era of tiny toys and ridiculous randomness. So of course I grew up with Polly Pocket and Mighty Max.

I only ever had one Polly Pocket as a child, they were expensive and my parents were pretty strict about toys, I had to buy most of my "not special occassion" toys out of my own pocket money and we had rules against me asking for things.
So I had ONE solitary Polly Pocket, a locket one

It looked like this (Picture from OnlyPollyPocket.com)

It was small and didn't have much to it, it was nothing on those big elaborate sets I saw in catalogues or that some of my friends had. Oh I thought they were wonderful, but like Sylvanian Families, far far too pricey. And to be fair, my pocket money was mostly at that point spent on Littlest Pet Shop (my obsession at the time) and Goosebumps/Fear Street/Point horror books (my OTHER obsession of the era lol)
Lemme tell you, $5NZD a week didn't go very far in 1995. Ahem.
Then again I was a pretty lazy kid and did like no chores so my parents were basically just giving me money for existing, which was kinda nice of them right?


Polly Pocket spent decades in the hands of Mattel being made less and less pocket sized and more and more "just another small doll"

But she's BACK! 2018 and tiny Polly with a bloody playset that folds up is BACK!

So, let's see how she stacks up!

21 Sep 2018

I overspent, MORE sales!

I was so good for so long, but inevitably, when you go on a "diet" there's a point where your resolve fails and you eat ALL the cake right?

Well yeah.. that's what happened to me.

My mistake was going into toy stores.

11 Sep 2018

Hairdorables - big hair don't care

Yeah I know, I was doing SO WELL at not buying stuff but the past few weeks i've been weak. I suppose there's only so many months you can go without buying anything before your resolve cracks.

The good news is the I have MADE MY GOAL! whooo!

I'm so relieved.

By way of celebration, and also because eldest started secondary school so I was up anyway, husband and I went out yesterday and went shopping.

New stuff has FINALLY hit stores which means there's actually stuff that's vuagely interesting on shelves for the first time since... oh god.. I can't remember the last time interesting shit was actually in stores man.

The toy store had a LOT of LOL including the new ones but I don't really NEED a lot of LOL so I passed up on those.
But I couldn't see in their store the other newest blind box doll to hit the market, Just Play's "Hairdorables".

We actually ended up finding them in the big department store, of all places. Go figure.

Anyway, I admit, yet ANOTHER blind box doll wasn't something I was thrilled about. I don't like this blind box craze and I feel like the prices are just going up and up and up for them. £2-3 for a mystery I am fine with, it's a small amount of money as a little thrill, but LOL are £11-12 and Hairdorables? they're £14:99! That's way too much for a mystery, for a product you can't even pick. What if you get one you don't like? What if you get doubles?
I don't like this method of selling dolls that should be just bloody sold as normal dolls.

But I had been looking at photos and had kinda started to get interested in these brightly coloured goofy faced munchkin dolls.

I wanted to open just one, just to see what all the fuss was about.

6 Sep 2018

Ebay and charity shops still, will it ever end? NEVER!

I admit it, i'm ADDICTED to charity shops.

They are like a treasure trove. Sometimes they have nothing interesting but other times they have amazing things and it's exciting, that "will they have something incredible this time?" thing is hugely addictive. It's always a gamble, always a treasure hunt and probably 1/3 of the time I come away with something neat.
So of course I keep going back.

it helps that the prices are generally super low, a few pounds here and there is easy to justify and it's going to charity so it's something i find much harder to curb than my buying of new products or ebay purchases.

But Ebay is still a cruel temptress. And because i'm selling things on Ebay right now it's already up and just... looking... it's too tempting.

So this week i've ended up with a couple more things I probably shouldn't be buying but oh well.

28 Aug 2018

More fun with charity shops and Ebay

So i've got more ability to go out and about now, which is nice. I've missed being able to walk more than 100 meters without feeling dizzy and exhausted.

We've had a few days out and about, not going far, but enough to get me out the damn house.

My muscles hurt. A few weeks of sitting around on bedrest I don't think has helped there. My ankles ache and my stupid deformed foot is giving me a lot of trouble with an old pain I haven't had to deal with for years.
Stupid foot.
I hate this foot. It's a jerk.

But I did come across some fun stuff in my brief travels, so let's talk about that! horah