10 Feb 2017

There was going to be a review here, but then I got upset instead.

Mattel have now blocked me on facebook.

9 Feb 2017

Venus situation and Mattel - A bit of a ramble about mental health and shoddy business practices.

8 Feb 2017

Monster High - Party Ghouls, Garden Ghouls - Abbey, Rochelle, Venus

So I went shopping

Yeah I know I keep saying i'm done with MH, but... SALES happen and i'm weak.

The Frightmares were £3 in Asda. I've been eying up Penelope for a while. They had all of the second wave ones, so fire, ice, steampunk, deer and rerelease of the green seamonster one.

The zelf was the only one they had. He was full price but I haven't bought a Zelf in ages and he's a werewolf so.. yay.

I was waiting for electrified Clawdeen to come down in price and was umming and ahhing over the garden ghouls.
Then Argos had their 7 days of deal sale and Clawdeen dropped from £20 to £13 and the garden ghouls dropped from £16:99 to £11:29

I ordered three in and knowing Argos and their price rubbish (you pay the price ON THE DAY not the day you ordered unless you pay in advance) I opted for their collect in store but pay now option.

I wasn't sure they'd give me one of each because Argos keep putting assortments under ONE catalogue number. So you order and you can get any random dolls from the assortment. You can't pick unless you physically go into store and view them.
I figured i'd get duplicates, but hoped to get at least 2 different ones. Going in to pick them up had the advantage that 1: I would only pay the sale price and 2: I could easily and immediately return any errored or duplicated dolls.

So my order took almost a week to show up but I picked them up on Monday. The staff member brought out three dolls. 2 Venus, 1 Rochelle. One of the venus dolls had a seriously errored face, her eyes were shunted to the right so one eye was almost on her NOSE and the other was on her damn temple. wtf?
I asked if they had any more, I knew they had at least one more in store because I had checked their stock the night before. So the staff member wandered out back and came back with Abbey.

So I picked less wonked Venus and off we went.

I'll be looking at them today, saving Clawdeen and the frightmares for later.

2 Feb 2017

Monster high reboot - Signature Clawdeen First Day at School

After months of being advertised and shown off on social media, the new signature dolls for Cleo, Clawdeen and Lagoona FINALLY hit the UK (Very and Bentzen's toys are the only places i've seen them so far)

Be aware if you are thinking of ordering via Very, their "pay by paypal" function doesn't seem to actually work. I tried this myself and they took my money, but didn't generate an order. then they duplicated the payment so they took payment twice and took no order. took me over a week to get them to find and refund me, and another week for paypal to process.
So yeah... headache. Very lost themselves a customer there, I didn't even get a proper apology so screw em. 

Today i'll be looking at  Clawdeen.
I was going to order the other two as well but Cleo's tinsel hair put me off and Lagoona's sewn together one piece looking outfit made me go "nooope"

It's a blast from the past seeing the price point though. £14:99, which is what MH dolls cost when they were first launched heh.