15 Apr 2017

Zelfs series 6

It's my party blog and i'll talk about random toys if I wanna. HAH.


Yeah so Zelfs. Have I reviewed zelfs before? I can't even remember. Maaan.

Anyway, Zelfs were officially discontinued in Febuary this year. They got 6 seasons plus some side ones, it wasn't really a bad run. Moose Toys claim the reason is that their other brands were selling better, but i'm still suspicious that the demise of Zelfs seems to have happened so close to the Trolls movie merch being released. Hmmm.

I liked Zelfs, because they reminded me a great deal of Russ Trolls which I grew up collecting. There was something about those ugly pug-like faces of trolls that I always found adorably appealing.It wasn't just their fuzzy colourful hair, their strange frog-lipped faces and pudgy bellied bodies were very "troll-like" for me as well.
Zelfs were very nostelgic, like a lot of the things Moose has released they seem to have taken an idea that was a huge fad from when I was young and ressurected it and I dig it.

Moose make Shopkins, and Twozies and Betty Spaghetti. Now Betty is a bit after my time, but Shopkins are very reminiscent of a lot of the blind bags of the early 90s with the "random thing with a face on it" (also Cherry merry Muffin, if you look at her playsets, totally Shopkins) and twozies remind me an awful lot of Oodles/Lil' Babies which i collected the heck outta when I was like 7.
I'll likely do a review on blind bags at a later date, but today we're talking about Zelfs.
And lamenting their demise.

14 Apr 2017

Monthly roundup - ebay and thrift store fun

Yeah another not all dolls post but hey, it's my blog and i'll review whatever I want right?

This is a bit of a kinda roundup of stuff i've bought recently and not really had a chance to talk about.
So it's gonna be more rambly than usual. Oh yes.

I've had a fairly productive month or two in terms of "stuff". While my Mattel Boycott is going pretty well (and hey, given they keep releasing crap it's not too hard to maintain either) and I haven't really bought any new dolls, I have gotten a lot of interesting stuff in the local charity shops.
You can really see the MH fad's ended because they keep cropping up in charity shops for £1-2, often fully dressed.
Now our local charity shop keeps getting too much stuff donated (hah, 1st world problems) which means they then put everything on the shop floor onto half price. But it's not always clear they have a half price sale on and when it ends. So sometimes I go in and they are all full price but a day or two later everything's half off and then the day after that it's back up. Talk about confusing.
But hey, it's a couple of pounds here and there and it goes to charity so it's all good.

So we'll start this ramble with an overview of "stuff I found in the charity shop in the past month or so" and the stuff I bought on ebay.