21 Dec 2015

Bratz Selfie Snaps Photobooth

About time I got around to this one.

So the Bratz relaunch happened a few months ago and amongst the relaunched products were a few playsets. A rerelease of the snow lodge they've done several times already (is anything even recoloured? it looks exactly the same as the moxie girlz lodge and the bratz one before that) and a photo booth.

Anyway, because "selfie" seems to be the buzz word of the year, we have the "selfie snaps" line, a photobooth playset and even selfie sticks with giant lips on. Uh... ok? I admit it, i'm old and don't understand selfie culture. It just baffles me. But kids have been pulling stupid poses in photobooths for decades. I never did, I mean those things are expensive! Who's got like £8 just sitting about for stupid photos? Rich kids, that's who.

2 Dec 2015

Belated montly roundup

Ok I admit it, i've been seriously unmotivated recently. I have a huge amount of dolls to debox, but zero want to do so. I'm tired after a long day so all I want to do is sit down and play games or watch telly. But then I feel guilty because i've got dolls languishing in boxes nghhh.

Anyway, it's time for my late monthly roundup. I was going to do this on the 1st but got distracted by shiny things. Or rather, got distracted by being able to finally play video games again with my new pc. Ahem.

I didn't buy a lot in October/November mostly because Christmas is coming and it's a stupidly expensive time of year for me. I have three birthdays in the weeks around Christmas itself too, so its hugely stressful and involves a lot of organization. Boo.
However, just because i didn't buy a lot doesn't mean i didn't overspend, because being near Christmas stores have started putting their sales on. *gulp* It's a dangerous time to have money burning a hole in your pocket isn't it?

So, Oct came and with it came news from Makie labs. They were removing their boy dolls to do some much needed tinkering with their designs, and they wouldn't be back till Feb next year. NOOOOoooo.
Now, you all know i'm OBSESSED with boy dolls, so when I was told "you have until the 9th of November to order"  I kinda panicked.
I was good though, or rather, i only had enough money to order the one Makie I had intended to make anyway. He's still at the printer, supposed to be here some time this week but we'll see. The lab is moving really slow since the switch to IM bodies and i'm not totally sure I understand why.

Then Asda finally put the Boo York Boo York Monster High 3 pack on sale. I'd been waiting for the price to drop for weeks. Lowest i'd seen was £40, down from 50 and still felt that was more than I wanted to pay. So when the price dropped to £25 you better believe I pounced.

That wiped me out for the month money wise, oops?

But that doesn't mean I don't have STUFF to write about. So here's my text heavy reviews of stuff I totally took photos of and then failed to write up at the time, and stuff I didn't have enough to say about to justify a full review.
It's the monthly roundup! And yes, it's 2 months late, i'm aware of this. I'm a slacker ok?