19 Oct 2015

Big changes over at Makie Labs!

Its been a short while since my last Makie ramble right? heheh.
Anyway, since then I now have 20 of the little nylon people, and husband has aquired a few of his own as well.

His latest one arrived today, but she's different so that's why i'm blogging.

4 Oct 2015

Bratz Metallic Madness Cloe and Cameron

Metallic Madness hit the UK! It's a Smyths exclusive but since it was annouced i've been eagerly awaiting the release of Cameron specifically. I've said it before, but I freaking LOVE the Bratz Boyz. They were the first doll line I ever collected and I always get excited when I hear they're getting some MGA attention once more.

Of course, thus far only Cameron has been announced. He has a Hello My Name is doll and this two pack doll. Both look pretty similar if not identical but hey, 2 clone boyz is better than no boyz.

So here it is, Metallic Madness - Trash wedding... I mean... Dance Duo Cameron and Cloe.