30 Apr 2016

Monster high Fierce Rocker 2 pack and 3 pack

It's taken me weeks to both these damn sets, rargh.

Okay, so fierce Rockers, a surprise release from Monster High and exclusive to Toys R Us. By some miracle tru UK actually got these in only a month or so after the US, instead of the usual 6 months later *sigh* but they then promptly started a 342 deal along with a load of vouchers which meant surprise surprise, multipacks sold out.

Because tru uk's website sucks,  you can't can't check stock prior to a trip out nor can you order into store to collect, these haven't even made it to their webstore and likely won't for several more months because tru.co.uk is a worthless rubbish website of pointlessness.


10 Apr 2016

Rewind Review - Cutie Pops

An old doll line today, and a review i've been meaning to write for a good 4 months now. I'm such a slacker.

Anyway, Cutie Pops.

Cutie Pops were a line made by a company called Jada back in around 2012. Now I know next to nothing about Jada and even less about the release of the Cutie Pops as I never really noticed them in stores at the time. In fact, the first time I remember seeing them was in B&M Bargains and thinking "ok those are freaky and weird."

The franchise didn't stay long, after a few lines they disappeared off the market, relegated to bargain discount stores.

Now, as the years have gone on i've become accustomed to giant headed dolls with teeny spindly bodies, i've started to be able to appreciate them and look beyond their terrifyingly distorted proportions. So when I found around Christmas an ebay store selling Cutie pops for £3 a er.. pop... I couldn't resist finding out a little more about these weird dolls. I have a strange fondness for failed and discontinued doll lines, they fascinate me.