29 Jun 2014

Bratz Boyz Masquerade

I reviewed Bratz boyz last time, but considering my love/hate relationship with all things MGA, I couldn't just leave it with the Cool Boyz. Not when the Masquerade Boyz are also available in TK Maxx for £4:99.

So let's dive into this obvious bandwagon leap. What bandwagon you ask? Monster High of course.
Bratz Masquerade came out shortly after MH became seriously popular, and of course was trying to do it's own take on the "kids like monsters" deal. Bratzillaz came soon after.
But we had this attempt first, Bratz dressed up in random costumes.

The girls included a mermaid, a vampire, an ancient Egyptian inspired girl, a fairy, a witch and an er... tea party princess? wth?

The girls, naturally, all came in outfits that seemed to be pulled straight from the Ann Summer's catalogue.

The Boyz however?

We'll let's take a look.

13 Jun 2014

Bratz "cool boys" Boyz