31 Jul 2014

Monster High Manny and Iris SDCC

They're here, they're here! My giant box is here!

28 Jul 2014

Monster High Invisibilly and Neighthan Rot

Boys boys boys, omg boys.

<_< >_>


Ok I think I have that out of my system.

This season Monster High has given us not one, but two brand new male characters. I feel spoiled.
Better yet, they aren't proving to be an absolute needle in haystack to find! YES!
Neighthan a good friend from the US sent to me, while Billy came from Amazon.co.uk, so let's get around to actually reviewing them shall we?
I can't wait to get my hands on these boys... wait... that... came out wrong.

10 Jul 2014

Monster High - We are Monster High 5 pack

omg omg omg omg omg... you guys... seriously...omg.

Ahem.. ok, allow me to compose myself...

holy crap GILDA!