29 Dec 2013

Monster High - Music Festival

Music Festival, I know it's an older line but i've been lazy about deboxing ok?

Anyway, a few months back Argos listed the whole budget line for around £6 each, I sent husband on a mission to obtain them for me. I can't resist me a bargain.

I picked up the two pack from Sainsbury, where it's exclusive.

This line is odd in the choice of characters. It's always baffled me why they picked these 5 and not you know.. characters who are actually music related. Why is Operetta not here? Or Holt? Heck even Deuce would make more sense than Abbey who's shown zero musical interest ever or Venus who strikes me as more likely to be protesting about how "bad for the environment" festivals are or something.

Anyway, the boxes are a nice eye catching red and black with music notes and symbols all over.

The backs of the boxes have a giant VIP pass (odd given the passes on the dolls say V.I.M) and cute cartoons of the characters.
I love this art, it's so dynamic. Shame Clawd's art is covered by Sainsbury's stupid warehouse sticker. Bah.

So enough about boxes, let's look at the dolls.

First up because she's the first one I picked up, it's Abbey!



Abbey's posed rather randomly in her box. I think maybe she's dancing? Not sure though.
The box says nothing about her music style, but judging by her vintage ensemble, i'd guess "1960s flowerchild" which seems totally NOT Abbey at all.

Apparently the US boxes have a quote on the front explaining the music theme.

Abbey's is "Where is stage for Yetish FOLK MUSIC?" - So... are we to garner from this that traditional Yeti are all a bunch of hippies? Are the Himalayas still stuck back into the 60s?

Abbey says: "Big Yetish folk band Beatles... you hear of yes?"

Despite her outfit not being what I think of when I think "Abbey", it's a very cute outfit and the ice themes are adorable. I do really appreciate the northern lights inspired tie dye on her shirt.

I should point out now, that as with all recent budget lines, Music Festival doesn't come with stands. Booo hissss. 

 Back to the boxes for a moment (I know I know). The backing card is fun. All slime and monstery musical notes and speakers and records/cds. That skull note is so cute. Is there a.. fanged one as well? Wth?

Here she is free of her box. Three tags in the back of her head.. WHY Mattel? Why three!? Is one not enough to keep her head pinned to the backing card? Sheesh.

Anyway, her outfit.

On her head she wears a headscarf made from the same fabric as her Home Ick dress I believe, it's black and has strand effects in pink and white on it. (reminds me of her bobbly tinsel hair).
Her hair is in bangs, is this the second time she's had bangs? Picture day had a fringe but I can't think of any others.
Anyway, the front has two chunky vivid pink streaks and then there's blue streaks to either side of her face.It's a striking look, though no purple in her hair this time I note.

She also has no tinsel. I can't say I miss the stuff. I hate that tinsel, it snags on hair brushes and makes me reluctant to comb the hair with anything but my fingers.

Her makeup is bold blue which I like, it's a change from her usual pink makeup and it looks great. Her lips are a bring pink.

She has one icicle and one snow flake earring, just like her original doll but in inverted colours (the snowflake is blue not pink and the icicle is pink/purple not blue)

She wears a tie dye shirt with flared, jagged sleeves and jagged hem. Under that is a mini skirt with splattered blue and purple patterning. I do like that these are to separate pieces, it would have been easy to have this just a stitched together dress but i'm glad Mattel didn't cheap out there and gave us options for mixing and matching.

She has an icicle belt and a VIM (very important monster) backstage pass.

Her shoes are awesome ice boots with pink straps. Love these boots!

Music Festival Abbey's eyes are a lot wider than my original Abbey, and the bangs make her face look wider and smaller. Overall it makes her look younger to me, less Abbey, more Abbey's kid sister. I do like me some variation in my dolls so i'm pleased to see such a difference.

The pink in Music Festival's hair is a LOT brighter than the pale pink in original Abbey's.


Original Abbey's hair is practically CAKED in glittery tinsel, but Music festival has not a single strand. Must be cheaper. I don't miss it, but it's odd to me that several of her releases have lost the tinselly bits which added a cool effect to her hair despite the irritation of brushing it.

Her hair is a little thinly rooted under the headscarf, which is annoying. Good thing I didn't intend to leave it off huh?

Overall? I really do like her.

I'm particularly fussy with Abbey, as despite liking her character, I find most of her dolls really do look too similar. Given I have limited space and funds, I seldom can justify more Abbeys in my collection but this girl manages to snag herself a "keeper" slot purely by being stinking adorable and by looking so different to my original girl. In my mind, she's Abbey's little sis, the girly flower child living in the past.

I give her a solid 9 peace signs out of 10. At full price she's a nice budget doll, at just over £6 she's amazing.


Can I just say how freaking HOT Clawdeen's art is? I mean damn is that some awesome artwork there, such attitude and sass and ... just.. wow. Loooove that image. Seriously.

Anyway, Clawdeen is a surprise for me. When Music Festival was first annouced she was the one with the least interesting outfit, the one who seemed the most "meh, pass". But when I saw these dolls in the flesh... or should that be plastic? Her faceup is just... wow. Narrow eyes, magenta and gold shadow, blonde streaks in the hair. This Clawdeen is seriously FIERCE and I love it.

Her blurb from the US boxes is: "I need a SCARY COOL BEAT and space to DANCE."

which isn't hugely helpful. Are the caps supposed to be the hint? Scary cool beat dance? Is that a thing?

Anyway, Clawdeen looks like she's stepped out of the 70s and is ready to bust some sweet disco moves. I almost feel she should have an afro, man I would love a Clawdeen with an afro. You listening Mattel? Make it so!

Another odd box pose. I think she's striking a pose, oh yes girl.. vogue.

Of the three, Clawdeen's outfit is still the simplest. It's a jumpsuit in purple lycra with stars, moons and skullettes down one side. She has a black belt... or belts and gold torn up shoes with zippers all over them. What is with Clawdeen and zippers? She's obsessed with the damn things!

one hand is gloved, the other isn't, funky.

She has two gold hoops in one ear, the lower of which is more...oval shaped but i'm not sure why. The other ear has this gold chain thing going on.

poor girl has some serious "box hair.

Not only is it frizzy as hell, I swear it's longer on one side. Wth? I'm going to have to recurl this ball of frizz stat.

I sold my original Clawdeen quite some time ago, so second wave/School's out will have to do as my comparison. Look ma! Same shoes! (is it bad that I only just noticed that upon looking at this photo and writing this sentence? Man i'm observant)

Anyway, this time it's the older doll that looks younger. Music Festival's narrow eyes lend her a certain maturity to her look and it's remarkable how much eye shape influences the perception of the rest of the face.
The blonde streaks are a nice touch, I don't think we've had a Clawdeen with blonde before now. It's attractive, if only her hair wasn't so fluffy.

My only issue is that jumpsuit.. girl... disco is dead. Ditch that jumpsuit and get yourself something befitting that gore-gous sultry face of yours!

 Overall I do love this Clawdeen, don't like the outfit but I love her face and hair so so much. Ok her hair is frizzy and i'll need to spend some time fixing it, but i'm sure it'll look beautiful with minimal effort.
She was the music festival doll I wanted most of all, because I adored the DOLL. Often I find I love the outfit far more than the doll itself, but here it's the other way around. Not that I HATE her outfit, it's just kinda.. bland when you consider what a fashionista Clawdeen's supposed to be.
I give her a solid 8 boogie nights out of 10. Her outfit ain't great, but her face is terrific.


And the winner for most awkward box pose goes to....

What the heck is she doing with her hand there? Poor girl, that looks so painful.

Her art... again, awesome. Kinda a bummer her doll doesn't have that mohawk thing going on but i'm not certain how they'd have achieved it. Still, her art is so vibrant and punky and her doll just feels a bit... meh by comparison. Don't get me wrong, love the outfit, but her face and hair.. blah.

Her blurb is: "Just point me to where it's THE LOUDEST." so... Venus is into thrash metal?

Heeey Macarina...

that leg looks sore... I mean i'm sure knees shouldn't bend like that, poor girl's obviously broken something dancing.

Somehow I managed to not take a solo deboxed photo of Venus... so we'll discuss her outfit using this image.

Venus' outfit is very cool. It's very 80s and I wouldn't really say punk but it's cute. Interesting, so far each girl has represented a different decade. Go figure.

She has a pink cropped over top with skulls and under that a one armed dress with a very abstract sort of graffiti print and this large black starburst effect.

Her usual vines are brighter green than usual and she has a pair of shoes that look woven at the top and have vines trailing down the heel. They remind me of Scarily Ever After Clawdeen's shoes actually. She has a translucent green spiked belt which has been reused a few times already. It works well enough here.

She only has one earring which is designed to cover her ear but is only actually slotted into the ear in the usual place so it pivots and when I deboxed her, it was positioned to be dangly. You could I suppose have it either way, but according to her art it's supposed to be more like an ear cuff.

The over shirt is made from oddly stiff fabric, while underneath is this very cool dress which is stretchy and soft. My only issue with this dress is that it's not very well fitted in the bodice and kept sliding down and giving me a full on boob shot. Poor Venus, I mean that's not just nip slip, it's full on wardrobe malfunction.

Her hair is mostly pink, which is interesting as usually it's mostly green. The side flock has a zig zag pattern in it which is a nice touch.

Her makeup is frankly disappointing. Her art and promo image had her with two toned pink/purple makeup but here it's just flat purple and a bit raccoon-like to me. Her eyes are very wide and starey for me as well, she has this blank dead eyed staaaare that unsettles me greatly. I mean, she looks like a deer in headlights!
I don't get why her makeup is so incomplete. The other two girls got proper makeup so why did Venus miss out on her second layer of eye makeup? I feel like just a tiny bit of pink and a thin black line to narrow her eyes just a tiny bit would make a huge difference.
Annoying it wasn't done in production, it really spoils the doll for me. Her outfit is awesome and the flock detail is neat but her eyes... argh.

The mostly pink hair is striking, though picking up original Venus reveals how woefully thinly rooted Music Festival's hair is. Original Venus has LOADS of hair, I mean she's heavy as anything because of it but music festival's hair feels flat and disappointingly thin.

Her eyes are a totally different shape, original Venus actually looks a little mean with her eyes so heavily lidded with black while Music Festival looks bright eyed and a little... hyper to me. It's a very bright eager face, but at other angles it's a very blank wide eyed stare face. I can't live with it.

So I did some tweaks. Tiny bit of black to narrow the eyes, and a tiny bit of brighter pinky purple on the lids to give her makeup some depth. What a difference. I'm a lot happier now. Just gotta do something with that thin limp hair.

Overall, Venus is actually the least well put together of the lot. Her makeup is disappointing, her hair is disappointing and she just feels incomplete. A little more time to just tweak things and she could have been utter perfection, and the disappointment just makes me annoyed because all the things wrong are such tiny stupid things that would have been so easy to remedy.

I love her outfit, I really do. But I feel there's better Venus DOLLS to put said outfit on.

I give her 6.5 oncoming vehicals out of 10.


For a budget line Music Festival is a pretty cute little line. The outfits are great quality and nicely put together. Both Venus and Abbey have separate elements that allows for mixing and matching which is always a welcome thing. It's nice to see all three ghouls shorting looks that aren't their typical looks, Abbey with bangs and blue eyeshadow, Clawdeen with blonde streaks and magenta and gold and Venus with predominantly pink hair is a nice change of pace.
In terms of a budget line, they're one of the better ones and i'm glad I got them, particularly on clearance.
Will I keep all three? I haven't decided yet. Venus is likely the one who'll leave my company sooner rather than later thanks to her iffy hair and uninteresting faceup. She could have been such a striking doll, and missed opportunities bother me more than anything else in dolls. 
Clawdeen however may end up one of my favourite Clawdeens and Abbey is absolutely stinking adorable. I love her boots particularly.

While I still find it confusing they used these three characters for the line, and the eras they represent are a bit arbitrary (seriously hippy chick Abbey? what?), it's well pulled off. It's a shame we didn't get to see a Music Festival Holt/Operetta two pack though, that would have been AWESOME.

though.. speaking of two packs...

Draculaura and Clawd

A random two pack, considering how many Draculaura's we've had over the years and this marks Clawd's third doll release. Why these two and not any other couple? Goodness knows. But boy doll yay!


Their box blurb from the US box:
"OH MY GHOUL! It's our song come on!"

I think it's a real shame the "international" boxes don't have these blurbs, the blurbs are cute!

What cracks me up about the poses in this box is that to my eye, it really looks like Ula's all "Back off wolf boy, you're getting in my light!"
Seriously, this is the least coupley posing i've seen. She's literally shoving him back and walking away! And he's all "hey look, a plane... " staring into the distance. Perhaps he's been distracted by Catty Noir taking the stage in her eye gougingly pink dress. Quick Clawd, sunglasses now!

Interestingly, the two pack comes with stands. How unexpected. 

What the heck IS this? I had to take a picture because i'm baffled by it. What's the deal with the random white card shape? Is this some arcane symbol designed to further addict us to Monster High? It's too late Mattel! We're already hopelessly hooked.

But yeah, random confusing box backing.

Thankfully not too difficult to open.

Poor Ula's a bit of a mess but we'll get to her and her problems.

Deboxed they still seem to be having some sort of lover's tiff

Clawd's hair is silly, but I love it. The sides are flocked and then he has this silly fringe thing and this shaggy long strip all down the back. If you so desired you could restyle it into a super crazy mohawk, but straight out the box it's gelled down and sort of sticky. Ew. It's not a simple rinse job either thanks to the flock, thanks a LOT Mattel. I'll have to run wet fingers through the hair till it eases up a little as it's pretty solid at the back.

Such silly hair. 

He has random teal streaks in one side, otherwise it's all brown. 

Husband decided two hamsters had died on his face, and the two random disconnected patches are a bit random I have to admit.I am thankful though that unlike my original two pack Clawd (Forbitten romance) this Clawd's flock is solid and he doesn't have huge bald patches around his ears where they couldn't be bothered flocking it. 

His outfit is very simple. A vest with cross bones, a pair of denim jeans, a watch and teal flip flops (reused from Gloom Beach Jackson). Who wears flip flops to a music festival? 
It's nothing special, nothing massively interesting. I kinda like his vest but otherwise, it's a pretty bland outfit. It's servicable though.

Draculaura is an explosion of pink rivally Catty Noir.

Her dress is made of a thick plether-like material which actually works quite well. There's a tuel overlay at the waist. Over this she wears a cute black cinch with bat and heart motif and a heart printed lace top. 

Her shoes are a recast of her Day at the Maul shoes, they are a PAIN in the butt to get on and off thanks to that ankle strap. I keep thinking i'll snap the strap removing the shoes. Hate. -_-

The neckline of her dress is a sort of sweetheart shape which is adorable. The dress itself feels very high quality and I like it a lot.

Her hair is in a high ponytail and i'm not sure if it's just mine, but the ponytail is lopsided.

Of course, given the other problems this girl has, I wouldn't be surprised if this was yet another error.

Poor girl. Her eyes are misaligned and she has a mangled fang as well. *sigh* Typical, such is the peril of buying online. The two packs seem to be the worst for this, finding a pack with two decent dolls is a challenge. Getting a bit fed up of serious eye wonk like this. A fang I can repaint, but look at her eye! It's decided to migrate north!

Anyway, overall this is a decent set and not overly expensive. It retails at a little over £20 when most two packs here are closer to £35 now. A budget two pack is a novel idea, and I appreciate the addition of a male character.
Clawd's outfit is simplistic but it does the job. His hair style is cute if not silly and he's as always, well worth having in my collection. I have this crazy need to own ALL the boys.

Draculaura would be cute were it not for mine's QC issues. She's nothing remarkably different in terms of hair style of faceup, but her dress is a unique fabric for MH and very nice quality, the overshirt is adorable and the cinch is a lovely little accessory. She has cute earrings as well, though they're also reused sculpts.

For the price, this set is worth it but only if you can be certain you will get a set without dreaded eye wonk and messed up paint. The QC is disappointing but nothing we haven't seen countless times before. For me it seems to be Draculauras that I have the most problem with. What is that about?
Am I cursed with "no decently printed vampires for you" ?


I give this set a solid 8/10 communication breakdowns. Just pick out your set in person.

 Afterthought: Some curling to Clawdeen's hair and yes, she's just amazing. Still not sold on Venus though.

1 Dec 2013

Monster High - Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and Nightmare

Back in 2012 Mattel decided to hold a little "contest" at comic con. They presented three prototype Monster High characters and asked everyone at the con and fans online to vote for which they'd like to see made into a doll.

Of course, we fans all dutifully voted. I myself voted for the spider girl but that's neither here nor there (Oh Weberella, why can't I own you? *sob*)

One of those three dolls was Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, the school principle.
An odd choice but kinda awesome when you consider the photo story opportunities.

(Image from Fanpop)

As it turned out, Headmistress lost the popularity contest, but that evidently wasn't going to stop her and the horse she rode in on.

After Scarah Screams won and was subsequently released in limited quantities as a SDCC exclusive (in a move that came as a huge slap in the face to those who voted for the damn doll) somehow, the loser character managed to garner a regular store release.

When SDCC 2013 rolled around, it was again time for a comic con limited release exclusive. Who got made? That's right, that spider girl right there (albeit in a different costume).
So both the other dolls were produced as SDCC exclusives, yet the loser of the contest got a regular release? How does that even make sense?

Obviously HHMBG won! It was all an elaborate ruse!

Anyway, she's a Toys R Us exclusive which in itself is annoying, more annoying, she's an overpriced "playset" doll who comes with her horse Nightmare.

Ok, coming with Nightmare is a nice idea... IN THEORY, but we'll get to how they managed to utterly screw that one up shortly.

First let us look at the Bloodgood we got in stores.

The box is MASSIVE, but there doesn't seem to be too much wasted space. That horse is huge after all.

It's a nice little display, with a cardboard desk, some windows... the quote is Latin for those wondering, it means: "No reliance can be placed on appearance." 

In other words:  "Don't trust a book by it's cover" or "Appearances can be deceiving" depending on what particular idiom you'd rather go by. 

Funny, here I was thinking they'd work in some sort of head pun. You know... "Striving to get a head." that kinda thing. *drum snare* yes thank you, i'm here all night.

The back of the box gives Bloodgood her bio, which is nice to see. It's amusing to me that they kept all the student relevant categories when she's a teacher lol.

The back of the box also shows you that her head can be put on and taken off again, you know.. in case you weren't sure.

The box is pretty easy to open. It's held closed with two pieces of tape and that's it. The inner card just slides out.
I do appreciate an easy to open box, and Monster High are usually pretty fantastic for this.

While Bloodgood is held into the box in the conventional elastic band and plastic strap method, for some reason Nightmare is tied into the box with... string? No joke, it's actually string. Wth?
Well, makes for pretty easy deboxing. Just untie the string.

As a result, Nightmare was the first to be released from the backing card.

Poor Nightmare.

Now she is an interesting character in her own right, because there is no denying Nightmare is "just a pet", she really does have attitude in the show. Heck, in the latest diary of Jane Boolittle, she even gets dialogue!
But why.. oh why Mattel.. did you have to cheap out and make her static?

Monster High is a line where ALL the dolls are highly poseable, yet the horse... you give us a lump of hollow plastic? Wth? It's so disappointing because had she been articulated the dynamic head throwing poses you could achieve with this set would be AWESOME. It's a huge missed opportunity and it was the major factor putting me off buying this set.
Toys R Us want £35 for this pack, which when you consider the cheap as hell plastic static horse, is way too much.
I'd have happily paid more and had an articulated horse, as i'm sure would a lot of people. I mean, it's not like Mattel can't do articulated horses for a reasonable price either. Look at how many walking horses Barbie's got? So why did Nightmare get shafted? Poor poor Nightmare.


the horse herself is a lovely shade of blue with multitonal purple hair.
I do really like the attitude in her face paint. And her stylistic shape is a nice touch. She has really large feet and very slender legs which is totally in keeping with the MH style aesthetic.

She wears a detatchable bridle and a saddle.

Her hair only falls on one side which leaves this side looking a little well.. unfinished. Though that musculature in her neck is lovely.
she's a strangely proportioned creature though, not simply an edited recast of a Barbie horse, she's obviously designed totally to MH proportions. Her neck and head are oversized with a comparatively short body and those aforementioned stick legs and giant hooves.

Sadly the QC here is a bit iffy.

Not only is Nightmare REALLY light to handle (she's obviously hollow), but being cast in two halves, she has quite obvious seam lines. It's most obvious here where the hair isn't even rooted fully to the top of her head, leaving a big gap and a bald patch... ew.

She also has random hairs sticking up through her body where it's obviously gotten caught as they've glued the two halves together. I yanked those stray hairs, they looked gross coming out of her like, haunches and shoulder area. Poor horse has enough problems without arbitrary excess hair growth.

Without her bridle she looks strange... unfinished, naked and just.. .wrong.

I do love those eyes though.. and that snout.. so full of character.

But it's a real bummer she's balding at the top of her head. Look at that gap! Wth? Surely her hair should be rooted right to behind her ears? Right? riiight?

Bloodgood is on hand to support her equine pal, if only she could put herself together first...

The body of this doll uses the taller "Nefera" or "Adult" sculpt, which makes complete sense but is a nice touch.
She's dressed in a purple riding coat with elaborate cuffs, a very simple undershirt with tie, sparkly leggings and knee high boots.

While the neck knob isn't the most attractive of things when she's got her head off, I really can think of no other way they could have done this.
Bloodgood uses the same neck attachment as the Create a Monster dolls, meaning you can pop that head on and off to your heart's content. Wheeee!

Put together she looks a lot better.

Her face is gaunt and has to my eye, something of Spectra to it. She has large green eyes and a severe expression on her face. Very in keeping with her character I feel. 

Though i'm not convinced about the fabric choice for that jacket. It's a wierd plasticy feeling shiny material that just doesn't feel right for the cut. I imagined the coat should be well.. wool or some thick warm fabric, which would be impractical to create at this scale but something that felt similarly rough and well.. coat like would have been nicer I think. As it stands, the fabric choice feels cheap and strange. it's shiny and I don't like that.

Underneath the coat her outfit is VERY basic. The vest is a servicable under piece and the leggings are fairly dull despite being all shiny, it's all just a bit simplistic. Of course, it matches her artwork just fine but it still doesn't feel like £35 worth of doll here.

Her boots are very nice, but again, very simple.

Bloodgood's hair is a gluey sticky mess. The bangs needed rinsing as they were gelled into a crunchy mishapen mess and the bun is MESSY as heck. There's loose hairs everywhere, it's going to drive me mental.
The bun isn't even a bun, it's a fake bun. As in, it's a ponytail of short hair where the ends have been gelled and curled inwards to create a bun effect. Vintage Ballerina Sindy's did something similar, but it does mean I don't think i'd be able to replicate the effect if I rinsed the gel at all. So the gel stays and I just have to try to stick those loose bits down as best I can.
I did put another elastic band over the top of the existing one to try to stick down a few of the hairs that missed the original ponytail.

Reunited with her steed, the pair seem relatively content. Though Nightmare is complaining that her arthritis is playing up.

Bloodgood can mount the horse fairly well, though the lack of any stirrups or reigns seems a pretty glaring omission to me. How is she supposed to stay ON there? Does she just have super grippy thighs?

I do like how the coat flares out over Nightmare's back like that though. Damn I wish this horse could rear up and actually pose as well. *sigh*

As it stands, without anything to hold onto, Bloodgood while solidly in that saddle, looks a bit precarious and like she's not totally sure what to do with her hands.

I couldn't work out how to get her to "hold" her head, so I popped her hand off and stuck the head on the stump bwhahaha. Worked fairly well I felt.

So, final thoughts?

Of course I HAD to buy this set purely because "omg new character", but I feel the price is a bit rich. 
I used vouchers and got 20% off, but i'm still not sure that wasn't too much.

Nightmare feels well.. like a cheap hunk of junk to be honest. Her only redemption is her face which is full of character, but her lack of any articulation is a MAJOR downside in what could have otherwise been a pretty damn cool playset. 
She feels cheap, she's lightweight, she's hollow, she's balding. Her hair rooting is very odd and i'm not sure if that's just mine or if they're all suffering this big gap in their hair line issue.

The lack of any reigns makes posing Bloodgood on Nightmare's back look awkward and wrong, she needs something to hold onto damnit and would some reigns really have been THAT difficult to include?? 
 I'm going to have to make some. -_-

Bloodgood herself also feels cheap and basic. Now of course, two pack dolls are often a bit more simplistic than the single packed dolls, but even so, Bloodgood's outfit design isn't exactly massively detailed like a lot of the students so why is her price point so high?
The fabric choice for her jacket is... odd and a bit disappointing, and her hair is annoying. 
For starters, her bangs are utterly wrong and I had to restyle them to make her look anything like her art, and her bun is messy as anything. She just feels a bit... hastily thrown together. The quality really isn't there in terms of the little details that make MH so great. 

To her credit, she does look like her animated form, once you fix her hair a bit. But this set should NOT be retailing at £35, it's far too much for what you're getting. 

Overall, I give the pack as a whole 6 cripplingly arthritic equines out of 10. It's a must have for completests like myself who want one of every character, and it's kinda cool to have a teacher for play, but the set is too basic and too overpriced to really be worth your while. 
Pick it up on sale, and hope like hell they release a Nightmare who can actually bend her damn legs! 
Poor old girl ... it's the glue factory for her i'm afraid.

I don't understand why they couldn't make this a deluxe set and give the horse the same level of articulation as the dolls have. I'd have happily paid £40 for a horse I could POSE rather than a hunk of junk plastic model. 
I also don't get why Bloodgood got a damn retail release when she LOST THE POPULAR VOTE! Wth Mattel? What... the.. hell?