19 Mar 2016

Monster High - Maul Monsteristas 5 pack

Stock picture, because I don't have the box.

Right so... let's get right to it.

The infamous and illusive Maul Monsteristas 5 pack.

Monster High - Haunted - Getting Ghostly Clawdeen and Spectra

It's Getting Ghostly!  and this is a short review.

13 Mar 2016

Monster High - Freak Du Chic Clawdeen and Twyla


I know right? It's been like over a month but I am alive! We had some... life stuff happen. It got in the way of dolly purchases.
But it did give me some time to open some stuff I had laying about for a "rainy day".

Remember in my last "I bought this stuff" roundup I talked about some Monster High dolls i'd bought but not deboxed? Well I have now, so here's my rather muddled review of them!

Hopefully things will settle down irl soon and I can actually get into some sort of routine with this. I feel bad slacking off but there's not much new hitting shelves atm and all the "old" stuff i'm getting second hand off ebay. I will cover those purchases too.

So... Monster High purchase SPAM shall happen over the next few days/weeks! Prepare yourselves.