About me

So,you want to know a little about me do ya?

Well, i'm a grumpy opinionated ol' gal who lives in the UK and refuses to grow the heck up.
Growing up is for losers, eheheh.

I collect a lot of things, but mostly right now it's plushies and dolls.
I love to roleplay, I love to draw, I love to rant about stupid stuff online.

Doll lines I collect:

Pretty much anything playline and 1:6 scale

Predominantly Monster High, Sindy, Bratz and Makies but other stuff sneaks on in there constantly despite my best intentions.

If it's cute, I want it. If it's bizarre, I want it. If it makes me smile, you damn well better give it to me now before I chew your arm off!

Nitty gritty personal life:

I live near to London with 3 young boys, a husband who's just as geeky and in touch with his inner child as I am and some cats.

I don't DO normal.

I swear really badly and have to keep a close eye on it when writing, if stuff sneaks through, i'm sorry... i'm so so sorry. I've run out of soap to wash my mouth out with.