18 May 2014

Twilight Teens School dolls

I already talked about these Monster High bandwagon jumpers with the hilariously named Nemonia (who you can read about here)

12 May 2014

Pixy Punks

Pixy Punks...

Yet another in a long tradition of knock off, cash in, bandwagon hopping monster dolls aiming to catch a little of Monster High's success.

These dolls are, first and foremost, very very cheap. I have to stress that. You know what you're getting when you pay £3 for a fashion doll, and it's gonna be pretty craperific.

These dolls actually have a large range, of various price points. From the dirt cheap £3 a pop slim open box ones, to "deluxe" (snort) larger box versions with more detailed fashions and even two packs and a four pack! There are also giant ones and styling heads, so the guys who make these went all out when it came to market saturation.

Also interesting for cash ins, these dolls are readily available in multiple stores here in the UK. Wilkinson's stock the slim box budget ones, TK Maxx have them, Argos have them, even Smyths sells them! They're the Steffi Love of Monster High it seems, that cheap off brand version your grandma buys you or something. (Odd because by all rights Twilight Teens should occupy this spot, being as they're made by the same company who makes Steffi, but there you go)

Today i'll be looking at the slim budget doll, mostly because the local Collect + store has lost my 4 pack -_-