17 May 2016

Monster High - Clawdeen - A retrospective of sorts.

My Clawdeen collection is complete!

No, it's not every Clawdeen ever made, this is the ones I decided I wanted of all of them. I went through the checklists of past releases and this 25 were the ones I decided I wanted most of all. The others were rejected either because I didn't like them so much (sweet 1600) or because I felt they were too close to an existing release to justify.
then I promptly got a bunch that look really similar anyway lol. Doh.

Anyway, this blog post is mostly a sort of "here's my Clawdeen collection" show off thing and a chance for me to ramble away about my favorite MH character to collect, what it is about Clawdeen that inspired me to collect so damn many of her over any other character and so on.

So let's start at the beginning.