22 Jan 2017

Disney Descendants - CJ Hook


18 Jan 2017

Barbie I Can Be Games Designer

Going through old photos I found a bunch of reviews I never wrote. Oops?

so we're doing this one while I edit photos for my next actually recent release review hah.

I bought Games Designer Barbie middle of last year, as a geek gal myself I kinda HAD to support coder Barbie right? And I already have Computer Engineer Barbie (her binary shirt is awesome)

Anyway, this isn't a long review so let's dive right on in without any preamble

7 Jan 2017

Monster High - Ghouls Beast Pet Cleo and Lagoona

Last review I mentioned that I was kinda over Monster High and their reboot, which  may have some of you wondering "But Monk, why are you reviewing more of them then?"
Well truth is, I bought these back in November in Amazon US' black friday sales, with shipping they worked out about £11 each to import and it doesn't look like the UK is ever getting this line. Bummer, because Draculaura has a vampire poodle and it's HILARIOUS and I want that damn poodle so bad.

I had these laying about waiting for me to get off my butt and review em, but other stuff like christmas kept distracting me.