12 Sep 2016

Monster High - Shriek Wrecked Gil

Shriek Wrecked Gil! Whoooo. This isn't a very long review, there's not a huge amount to say i'm sorry.

Okay so, looks like yet more boy shortpacking is happening here but Gil has started to hit stores. I picked mine up from Bentzen because I can't be having with Argos and their "one number for three different dolls" nonsense.

He's a slim pack doll that retails for about £15. For that you don't get a stand or a brush, so they're a bit overpriced IMO but I was curious about what had been changed for reboot Gil and Deuce hasn't hit the UK yet.

6 Sep 2016

DC Superhero Girls - Bumblebee

I could talk at length about gender politics and all that rubbish, but i'm tired and lazy and don't want to get into it. If you're ever curious, pop onto the facebook page for Let Toys Be Toys and i'm sure you'll find one of my many long rants on the topic.

To be brief: Yay comic themed dolls. Boo comic stuff "for girls".
DC hardly has a good track record in recent years of their division of the sexes and their general "we don't want icky cootie filled girls reading our titles" crap, so obviously their solution was to make stuff for those icky cootie filled girls so they wouldn't get their gross girly hands on the rest of their stuff? I dunno, it's like a small pink cordoned off area just for us vagina having folk.

This pisses me off because i've been reading DC comics for years and never cottoned on to the whole "this isn't for girls" rubbish. Maybe I was just reading the wrong titles, because there were lots of awesome girl characters to root for too and until the new 52 (argh) and certain writers... the titles I WAS reading were really engaging and fun and not chauvinistic or irritating.
I'm still not over the way Shadow Lass was written in the last iteration of Legion Of Superheroes... it still pisses me off. Or how Saturn Girl's epic one woman quest was haphazardly chopped short and just magically resolved to make more space for yet more "isn't Green Lantern awesome?" crap. Eugh. I'm with Vril Dox on this, the green lanterns can all sod off. 

Anyhoo, if dolls like this get little girls to actually read comics, so be it. They might mean we get well written shows like young justice back once DC and WB get their heads out their arses and realize that cootie filled pink dollars are totally worth the same as the boy money. http://www.themarysue.com/warner-bros-animation-girl-market/ See this article for more information on THAT load of steaming sexist horsecrap.