27 Oct 2014

Bratzillaz - Witchy Princesses - Carolina Past

Bratzillaz, or are they House of Witchez?
Anyway, MGA's witch dolls may be dead in the water, but they're still clogging up shelf space in just about every toy store I go into.
Sadly many places haven't gotten the memo about reducing the prices, and even those that have are charging a little more than i'm willing to pay for more of MGA's half arsed madness.
But I liked Carolina's colours and I wanted at least one of the princesses. When I spotted her for £7 in TK Maxx, I snapped her up. Yes, under a tenner is a perfectly reasonable price for a Bratzilla thank you very much.

Anyway, I haven't been able to find the other two for a similar price since. Booo. While Angelica looks like she may in fact murder me in my sleep (Get in line girl, Vampelina has first dibs at my jugular) I think Siernna's pretty. Despite her drunken slur of a name.


right now Carolina is the only one i've got and can I just say... firstly... OMG she has such a normal bloody first name! No extra letters, no stupid "yooneek" spelling, it's just... a regular name. I'm shocked MGA, SHOCKED. I was so sure you were trawling bad baby naming sites for trendy terrible names for your dolls.

I suppose though, after naming 20 billion Bratz, a few normal names had to sneak in there somewhere huh? Like Jade and um... Ciara? There was a Ciara right? I lose track.

Anyway, name is beside the point, I could rant for days on the trendy ridiculous names a lot of Bratz dolls have been given. (Brogan is still legitimately the worst name i've heard from MGA, i'm not letting that one lie, if you named your kid Brogan, you should feel bad.)

I'm getting distracted.

24 Oct 2014

Box of OMG - Ever After High Megabox

So, first things first, what the hell is a box of OMG?
Well, here in the UK they're a website that offers freebies. Boxes of random samples, advertising bamph, and so on and so forth.
Every few months they send out a box mostly full of fliers and advertisements, a tiny bag of Haribo (which is instantly claimed by one of my kids and devoured), stickers and trading cards, sometimes a book or a book sampler and every so often, some little toys as well.

Best of all, it's FREE.

You can go check it out right here:


There's also the Box of Awesome which is the exact same thing, only instead of pink sparkly "girl orientated" stuff (I hate the term boy toy and girl toy) it's more typically boyish stuff like wrestling and sports trading cards. http://www.boxofawesome.tv/

Interestingly, the pink box tends to be a bit more popular with my three sons lol. Probably because it often has more candy in it. as soon as a box arrives the younger two rush to the door and wait impatiently for me to open it, at which point a fight breaks out over the Haribo.

Anyway, several weeks ago OMG ran a contest to win a "megabox" themed around Ever After High.
The megaboxes are two or three times bigger than the regular boxes and often contain less samples, more actual products.
In this case, the big draw for me was a copy of the latest Ever After High book.

I and many others won (I think they had quite a few to give away so i'm not about to claim i'm hugely lucky) and I eagerly waited for my giant box to arrive.

Well arrive it did, so here's a little look at what came in my "thronecoming party megapack".

12 Oct 2014

Novi Stars - Nita Light Energy Pod playset

Oh Novi Stars...

It's been a while since they went on "hiatus" or whatever, but stock still clings on in stores at clearance prices. Sadly not super clearance enough for me most of the time, that is, until tru decided to mark Nita Light and her ridiculous giant pod of whatever down to £10.

I'd always kinda wanted Nita, she's a cute little doll but £30 for a doll with a playset I didn't really think i'd use was just a bit excessive.

But £10? Heck yes, that's what they've marked down most of the regular Novis too anyway.