20 May 2017

Blind bags - Twozies and L.O.L

Blind bags aren't a new thing, in fact, growing up I remember collecting rather a few of them. I loved Oodles and Lil' Babies and later there were Magic Diaper Babies who's diapers/nappys changed colour depending on their gender.
It was fun finding out if it was a boy or a girl and I had rather a lot of them.
they were cheap and thus a really easy pocket money purchase. I think a bag containing 1 or more was only a couple of bucks and were often in a 342 deal anyway.
We had Monster in my pocket and all the various other "in my pocket" toys as well, many of which were either given away in your cereal or sold in blind packs. Surprise toys in general were huge in the early 90s so it's not without a massive amount of nostelgia that I approach the newer blind bags.

Lego sort of forged the way with the latest lot I think, with their minifigures which sold like candy.
From there it's become a bit of a fad, with just about every company out there producing some sort of blind bag surprise figure.

Spinmaster have gotten in on the act with their Hatchanimals Eggs, we have little genies in bottles, Mattel have a few different sorts and there's still a lot of lego ones.
But today we're looking at MGA's breakthrough blind balls (lol balls) and Moose toys' Twozies.

Moose actually has a number of different blind and collectable toys including Shopkins, but i've always preferred humanoid or animal little toys so i've no paid much attention to those.

Twozies however remind me way too much of the little babies I collected as a child. Particularly the Lil' Babies/Oodles

Sadly I don't have my childhood toys any longer, and it turns out these little toys are not exactly cheap on ebay.
I did want to get a few for this review but I couldn't justify the cost some people wanted, especially for them still packaged.
So instead you'll have to make do with photos I stole off google.

powerpuffruth2000 on Flickr

13 May 2017

Disney Descendants - Neon Lights Ball 4 pack

This is a REALLY late review and i'm sorry about that. I kept meaning to write this up and edit the photos but it was during that real down spiral I had and I just couldn't face talking about dolls.

But i'm finally getting to it.

Going through my photos and reorganising my folders I realised I had all these pics and never actually got the review done. Oops?

6 May 2017

Living Dead Dolls fashion victims

So the toy aisles are BORING right now, very little new stuff and that which is new is crap and not worth buying anyway. Toy sections are shrinking rapidly in stores across the country and it's all blind bags and nothing else.
Not that I object to blind bags, they are in fact rather fun, but it's sad to see ONLY blind bags and not much of anything else.
It looks like that's where all toy companies are focusing their attention now and I dunno, that makes me sad because I like variety and I love dolls.

So because there's really not much to buy and i've been saving up for something big, all the "new" stuff i've gotten lately has been mostly all second hand.

I'm afraid that for the while, most of my blogs are going to be more like roundups or retrospectives, at least until the toy market picks up again.

but hey, old stuff is fun too right? Be aware parts of this review will be NSFW, blame Mezco. So if you're at work or in public, you might wanna wait to click below the cut.