28 Sep 2014

Monster High - Casta Fierce

Here in the UK Monster High prices have become a joke. A really bad joke, where nobody is laughing.
You see, Casta Fierce hit our shores a few weeks ago, but with a hefty £26:99 price tag. (that's almost $44 to our US friends)
The price alone was enough to make me blanch, so naturally, I was in no rush to order the doll till Mattel saw sense and stopped trying to rob us blind (yeah not gonna happen).

Thankfully I managed to get a hold of £16 in Amazon gift vouchers thanks to doing surveys and other random things. Yay vouchers?
But even so, I was reluctant to order Casta at full price. Her full price made me too unreasonably angry.
So when Amazon temporarily (like for a day) dropped her price to £21, I pounced and ordered her. Used my vouchers, got her for a brilliant £5:45. SWEET.

22 Sep 2014

Twilight Teens - Pantheria

Really bad photos this time. My camera has completely died on  me, the ribbon cable has snapped in two so it's kaput. And I can't afford to replace it.

So you'll just have to tolerate terrible cellphone photos. I'm sorry!

11 Sep 2014

Monster high - "Mansters" 2 pack

*snort* Mansters.... seriously, I can't say it outloud without feeling like a right pillock.

Anyway, after waiting and waiting.. and waiting.. and being unable to order from the US due to a system glitch hating my computer, then waiting some more, finally the news came.
Wydowna Spider and the Mansters 2 pack had hit the UK!

So of course I had to get my butt to Toys R Us.

I was delighted to see case upon case of Wydowna, but more delighted when I noticed a whole case of the mansters on the bottom shelf as well.
better yet, the price tag! Instead of the £35 I was expecting (the price of the previous tru exclusive 2 pack) they were £24:99.

honestly that's a damn bargain for a two pack in this country. Nevermind two boys.

So a set of each came home with me and I got to deboxing my new boy dolls.