28 Feb 2015

Novi stars - 2015 - Frostina Sprinkles and Carmela Sweet


Yes, these two new Novis are part of the Invasion line like Ina Ferna and Anne Arctic. But while they were elemental themed, this time we have um... sweet/candy themed ones?
Sweet Screams, novi style.

Novi Stars - 2015 - Doe a Deer, Justina Hour

New Novis!

Yes, so The Entertainer here in the UK randomly got these in. And then after a few days having them listed at £20 each, put them on sale with all the other Novis for £5.
Naturally, I had to order all four of them because a fiver each? that's too good a deal!

From what I understand of it, Novi Stars as a franchise is dead. but before they died MGA produced these four characters. They then made them only available in Russia, of all places and the rest of the world wailed and expected they'd never see them.
But apparently the EU is, awesome!

So, let's dive in and have a good look at these new Novi Stars.

26 Feb 2015

Monster high Monster Exchange - Lorna McNessie and Marisol Coxi

My pc is being a jerk, so it's not so easy to edit photos. It keeps crashing randomly and then takes an age to boot up, which sucks.
But I opened these a week or so ago and finally go up the nerve to try to edit the pics again.

So, new Monster High characters for the season. Whoo?

Lorna and Marisol are the two new characters from the Exchange line, so our two newest "non animated special" characters.
I got mine from Amazon.co.uk using vouchers I had left over from christmas, they're retailing at a rather eyewatering £21:99 in several places, though some stores have seen an iota of sense and dropped that to £19:99.
Still, it's nothing on the £23:99 Haunted price tag, but we'll talk about that when we get to the Haunted dolls.

20 Feb 2015

Barbie Fashionistas 2015

Picked these two girls up for a friend, but before I posted them off (he wanted them deboxed) a review was of course crucial!

So these are the new 2015 Fashionistas from Mattel. They're £10 and I found these girls in Tesco. The case assortment seems to be 2 different Barbies, Raquelle, Summer? Or is she Teresa? I don't even know anymore...  and one each of these two girls.

They don't have names, so um... I shall name them George and Susan.

13 Feb 2015

Monster high - Zombie Shake Rochelle and Venus

Zombie shake, Yes, I know it's an older set but it was cheap so I got it ok?

For £16:99, how could I pass it up?

1 Feb 2015

Mia by Hello Kitty

I admit, I know next to nothing about this line of dolls other than I saw them, thought they were cute and bought them.

Mia by Hello Kitty are made by Gzochi Preziosi, an Italian company who make things like Winx. As it stands, there doesn't seem to be much information on these dolls available online, certainly nothing I could find in English or anything I could translate.
So I just have to go with the obvious here. They're a line of cute 10 inch dolls dressed in Hello Kitty themed outfits.... aaand that's about it?

There are three in the line, and I got mine off Ebay so this is the box image from Amazon.co.uk instead.