30 Jan 2015

Stardoll by Barbie

Stardoll, a... um... online community where you dress up a paper doll avatar and do all the crap you do on all online communities?
I dunno, i'm not a tween girl so what do I care.

What I do care about however, is the dolls Mattel came out with back in around 2012.

Mattel teamed up with the website to create dolls of some of their designs, which was neat. New face moulds, new fashions, new shoes. Suffice to say, it was exciting news for doll collectors. A new doll line based on a website that was built around the whole idea of fashion? That would seem a match made in heaven right?

And initial promos were very promising.

27 Jan 2015

More about Makies

I admit it, i'm obsessed with these things ok?

in fact, it was only last month I reviewed my first three.

Yes... FIRST three.
I say this because since then my little 3d printed family has expanded.


14 Jan 2015

Tonner Sindy - Just Sindy

What's this? A mysterious white box.... with Sindy on it? Yes, dear old Sindy celebrated her 50th birthday in September 2013 and as part of the celebrations, Tonner annouced they were working on a line of collectable Sindy dolls based on the ever popular 1971 Trendy Girl. (one of the most collectable of the Sindy dolls, for some reason)

7 Jan 2015

Tonner City Girls - Houston

So, City girls.

It's been a while since these were released so technically I suppose this is a "retro review" because it's a line that's a few years old now... but let's pretend like it's shiny and new and exciting or something.

So, the Tonner City Girls were released in 2012 by Tonner toys, a subdivision of Tonner dolls who deal with all the cheaper lines intended as gateway collector dolls.
Their early attempts were things like Maudline Macabre and the Little Miss Matched dolls with their strange troll faces, but the City Girls were the first to go for a more standard fashion doll sort of aesthetic while remaining within that "gateway" price point.

The dolls retailed at between $39:99 and $49:99 and were even sold in stores like toys r us. They attempted to fill a niche as a mid price point doll that slotted neatly between cheap playline and super eye-wateringly expensive collector.
It was a fair point, as this was a niche that hadn't really been looked at previously. The jump between the price of playline dolls and collector dolls can be a bit startling.

Anyway, I first saw the City Girls shortly after they were released and thought they were quite cute looking, but I couldn't justify the price of importing all the way from the USA. they weren't sold in overseas stores and Tonner's shipping is a bit painful. So I held off and waited... and waited...