24 Jun 2015

Retro review - Adventures of Vicky

Well I haven't done one of these for a while, but my ebay parcel arrived so here we go heh.

Back in the early 90s a company called Fabbri produced a part work series titled "the adventures of vicky". Basically, the idea was that in the first issue you would get a 1/6 scale doll and then each subsequent issue would feature an outfit and the magazine would be themed around that outfit.
A similar idea was used for the Felicity Wishes part works, though those used a plush doll. Vicky was a plastic Barbie scale doll and her fashions were designed in such a way they fitted other dolls of that scale just as well.

18 Jun 2015

Why no reviews?

Yeah I feel I should explain why there's been no reviews on anything for so damn long.
Truth is, there's just nothing I WANT to buy atm.

See, we're at that point in the year where the UK has shelves flooded with last seasons stock still at full price and the new stuff hasn't hit yet. That is, if stores have any stock at all.
Sure there's some new stuff, but it's all things I don't collect like Equestria Girls and la la loopsy and such.

I'm waiting impatiently for new MH but it looks like we'll be getting absolutely robbed blind for those this season.
The prices have shot up AGAIN from £19:99 to a whopping £26:99 and let me tell you, that's some sticker shock right there.
I flatly refuse to pay that, it's scalper level pricing and it makes me feel sick to the stomach handing over that sort of money for a doll I KNOW will have bald patches and crappy QC.
I'm just really not happy with Mattel right now, the last wave of dolls lacked that same excitement for me and I think i'm just losing interest. Alas.

Still, I really want Gooliope and she better damn well come into stock soon because i'm going mental waiting. Her hair looks like it sucks but she's enormous and that's awesome.
She has me genuinely excited, but we're sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting for all the new MH stuff to actually hit our shores.
same with the new EAH stuff.
and the new fashionistas who are sloooowly trickling in (I NEED LA girl in my life, like.. so bad)

The other factor is that i've been too sick to actually go out shopping. I order most of my dolls online these days because with a young family, I just don't get the time to go wander toy stores for hours and when my health decided to go "hah, screw you", walking any sort of distance became practically impossible anyway from a physical perspective.
Also it's getting into summer and heat and I don't get along. I want to punch the stupid sun seriously. I hate the sun. -_- it's a big firey jerk.

I still do try to pop out every so often, but not with nearly the frequency I once did. It's become difficult, too difficult an it's a bit of a bummer.

I may end up doing some retro reviews just to keep something to read. I dunno if anyone would be interested in reading about strange obscure doll lines from the past. What do you guys think? Just while we wait for new things to hit and our usual schedule of snark and combined gushing can start once more.

What sort of things are you guys looking forward to? and is there anything you'd like to hear my rambling perspective on? Let me know in the comments!