24 Sep 2017

Monster High retrospective - Part 2

So, it's 2011 (roll with it), the dolly  market is awesome, MH is doing well... and I was in the throws of a terrible obsession.

Oooo eee.

The 2011-2012 season saw the release of a great number of lines and the introduction of store exclusives.

there were more lines released this year, including 2 deluxe formal lines. 6 new characters were introduced as well. - Spectra, Abbey, Clawd, Cupid, Gil and Toralei

So let's start.

12 Sep 2017

Monster High - A retrospective in multiple parts - 2010, where it all began.

So i'm kinda on spend embargo for a while, saving up for something pricey on top of nothing in stores really motivating me to part with cash.

This means it's time to look back and actually appreciate dolls I already own, dolls I used to own and generally look back on a franchise that has meant a lot to me and really was the last straw in sucking me into the doll collecting world.