15 Dec 2014

Monster High - Haunted - Porter Geiss

New boy new boy new boy!


So, new season of toys means new characters for Monster high. And a new dvd special too. (well that's not out yet but yeah...)

Anyway, this season's dvd linked line is Haunted, a ghost themed line featuring 4 brand new ghost characters and ghost versions of several of the existing MH cast.
it's a bit gimmicky, much like Freaky Fusion was, but the ghost designs look pretty solid (get it? i'm sorry... I feel bad now)

Anyway, naturally we have one boy character/love interest/eye candy doll.
This time it's graffitti artist Porter Geiss, a poultergeist.

Now here in the UK the new stock hasn't hit yet, and likely won't hit till the new year (end of jan usually) which means a huge delay for us and an annoying drought in the toy aisle.
This happens every year.
However, Amazon.com do really reasonable international shipping so they're my "go to" place for dolls that won't be coming out for months.

I was honestly tempted to buy all the new characters, but this close to christmas I just couldn't justify it. I decided to grab Porter when I could because I knew he'd be a pain to find in stores.
Now, he may be like Neigthan and shipped one to every single case, making him crazy easy to find in any store that carries freaky fusion, or he may end up more like the other boys where he's shipped in some cases but not others. I don't trust Mattel so I bit the bullet and ordered Porter from the US.
It means I don't have the stress of trying to find him when the Haunted range hits the UK, which is a great relief.

So let's get to this review malarky.

4 Dec 2014


Makies are, for those uninitiated, 3d printed dolls you design.

The basic idea is that you toddle on over to the website ( www.mymakie.com) and click "make a makie"

From here you open the makie maker, which resembles one of those avatar creators you'd get for an MMORPG or Create a Sim.

You pick an gender and skin tone, then move on to outfit, wig and eyes.