31 Jan 2016

Monthly roundup! - January 2016

Whooo eee January was a big spend month for me, so this is gonna be LONG.

It seems to be the combination of "omg I have money" from Christmas, the general "arghh" of christmas time making me depressed and in need of retail therapy and the fact that lots of new stuff hits stores and older stuff is clearanced around new year.

So... what DID I buy this month?

I'll be honest, I went overboard. I got a lot of cash for christmas for various family members who didn't want to think about actual gifts, and that's fine because it meant I could order myself a few things I was putting off because they were expensive ehehehe.

So, first things i ordered were of course the Monster High mermaids. I had managed to earn £20 in vouchers for Argos but because i'm cursed, a few days later argos dropped the price anyway. -_-
oh well.

You can see them in my previous review.

17 Jan 2016

Monster High - Great Scarrier Reef - Down Under Ghouls

Great Scarrier  Reef looks like it might be the last really interesting line Monster High is giving us.
I've said a lot about this "reboot" thing on social media, I don't really feel I have the energy to repeat it. Suffice to say, i'm not happy about it but i'll enjoy the last few truly creative dolls we get before it all turns into doe eyed safeness.

And wow talk about going out with a bang because this mermaid line? it's awesome.

I joked a while ago that Mattel would inevitably give us mermaids and fairy mh because it was a cliche of "girl" franchises, and yeah... the have given us mermaids but oh my goodness they're not just a humany doll with a fish tail tacked on.

These here are merfolk done right, with creativity and craziness. I honestly really dig this whole line.

Anyway, I had Argos vouchers so I bought the three new characters.

10 Jan 2016

Monster high - Boo York Boo York City Ghouls 3 pack

This is a waaaay belated review and i'm sorry about that. Christmas time is super stressful for me, lots of birthdays around christmas and the general angst and awful that is the festive season puts me in a bad mood and not much wanting to write.

But it's the new year and i've got some time on my hands since Star Trek online booted me off the server for the night (lol)

So here's my promised review of the "city ghouls" 3 pack.