7 Feb 2024

Style Bae by Just Play

 I always enjoy a bloody weird doll line and this one is pretty weird. 

take a paper doll, make it plastic, and inexplicably give it a 3d head despite everything else being 2d and flat.


well, let's have a look shall we?

28 Dec 2023

Monster High G3 - Venus McFlytrap


I'll admit it, I freaking LOVE IT when the UK actually gets new dolls early. 

we usually get them late or not at all so it makes a nice change. And seeing America wait for once is satisfying okay? Sorry guys but it feels vindicating to see you getting impatient. 

Anyway, Smyths got Venus in early which was a great christmas surprise. 

to put it into perspective, smyths also JUST got Ghoulia, Toralei and the Neon Frights dolls. We haven't gotten the fearidescent dolls at all from what I can tell and several of the multipacks are still MIA.  

So it was nice to see a new doll. 

My father bought her for me along with Neon Frights Ghoulia who i'll talk about in a later blog post. I have... thoughts lol. 

But let's look at Venus!

19 Dec 2023

And now for something different. - Stuff I bought this month.

 Yes I still have more Sindy stuff to get to, but i'm taking a break for christmas.

but that doesn't mean I don't have some things I want to ramble on about. 

I may not have energy for full box openings or massive amounts of historical research but I CAN buy bundles I shouldn't. Lol. 

So let's get into it

13 Nov 2023

Happy Birthday Sindy (Part 4) - Hasbro and beyond.

It took me a while, but i'm finally back to Sindy. It only took me what, like a month of procrastinating? 

So let's just dive in to the Hasbro era shall we? 

One of the most divisive of the Sindy eras, I have a soft spot for the 87/88 Sindys particularly. 

Lets get to it.

28 Sept 2023

Happy Birthday Sindy pt3 (the 80s)

Before we start, i'm sorry about the quality of the photos. My back was still absolutely killing me and it made me a bit rushed to get off the floor before I did more damage. 

But we've reached the 1980s at last! 

The 80s are perhaps the most chaotic of Sindy's decades, ending ultimately with the near demise of Pedigree toys and the acquisition of Sindy by American company Hasbro. 

So let's get into it!

The 1980s, Sindy's problem years. 

17 Sept 2023

Happy Birthday Sindy pt 2

 Appologies for the delay. We had a massive heat wave which made doing anything extra hard, then I put my back out. 

So it's been a "fun" few weeks. *sigh* 

Anyway, this time we're tackling the 70s. Now, the 70s era is the one with the most pricey dolls, they're the ones most people seem to remember fondly and as a result have the biggest collector market. And i get it, they have gorgeous high colour faces, but it's annoying when you're poor and stingy like I am hahah.

That means there's several dolls missing from my timeline here, and i'm unlikely to obtain them any time soon as prices keep just going up and up and up. 


Maybe i'll get lucky some day.

But hey, let's get into this.

6 Sept 2023

Happy birthday Sindy!

 September 6th (apparently) marks Sindy's 60th birthday, so obviously as a big Sindy fan I had to mark the occassion somehow. 

Especially considering pedigree themselves can't be trusted to do anything. 

For instance, for Sindy's 50th Pedigree made a big song and dance about how there were "exciting things" coming. We got some cute artwork and a website teasing said artwork, but nothing else. In fact, all Pedigree DID do was release some bedspreads and calendars.... in Turkey.

So forgive me if i'm not optimistic this time will be any different. 

But let's not let saltiness put a damper on our girl's celebration. 

I decided to get my dolls out and do a little time line/retrospective sort of thing, and in the process figure out precisely which dolls i'm missing from my collection so I can have a nice strict wishlist. (how long do you think that'll last? HAH) 

this is gonna take a while... we have got 60 years to get through after all.