9 Feb 2017

Venus situation and Mattel - A bit of a ramble about mental health and shoddy business practices.

I'm not sure i'll be bothering with the Electrified Clawdeen review I was going to write, because summoning the enthusiasm for a product after this experience just isn't happening. It's really dulled any joy I took in this purchase.
There's not much to say anyway, her hair is crap like Silvi's but she's kinda cute. Meh...

I'm tired and i'm sick of it. Mattel have pissed me off so much with their handling of this and they've killed my passion for a brand. So well fucking done Mattel.
There was one fashionista Barbie I kinda wanted too but I think i'll live without her. I'd sooner not give Mattel anything.
They don't deserve my love, they treat me and others only with indifference. So it's over. I'm changing to locks Mattel, your stuff's on the front lawn. Don't call me.


  1. I'm sorry about this. I've shared your posts on my Facebook, if you don't mind. I haven't bought any of the reboot dolls so I can't say anything about the quality. That hand shape though looks similar to the hands used on several older dolls, like 13 Wishes Frankie and Lab Partners Cleo. I was eyeing that Abbey, not a fan of the round eyes and fur, but I love how they did her hair and mouth.

  2. After reading your review, I looked at that Venus at ToysRUs. Just like yours, the limbs were all sticking out, looking awful. It is pathetic that these dolls were ever allowed out of the factory. They are clearly defective. I can absolutely understand why you are upset about spending money on that. I hate the reboot which destroyed any interest I used to have in the line. I hadn't bought any of the dolls since, but a local store had a massive clearance on last season's dolls so I picked up the Ship Wrecked Drac for $2.50. The quality was so incredibly poor. If you moved the hair in the back, there were enormous bald sections. The dress felt super cheap. It just confirmed that this line is done for me...

  3. I think there are many collectors (and even kids) who feel the same. I can't count the times I've been heartbroken by a doll. That's one of the reasons I read reviews. I try not to buy a doll unless I like everything about her, her face her shoes her joints. I was so disappointed in the reboot because of the lack of joints on the 'budget dolls' It took me some time to warm up to MH because I wasn't sold on the faces, (some had wonky paint jobs) so I only own a few. But there was no real reason for Mattel to reboot the franchise, it was popular. I think if they wanted, they could have just changed or updated the face molds and leave the rest. cut a few accessories, stands, hair bushes, I understand... but to take unnecessary steps like this is mind boggling. If it's not broke, don't fix it- because now it's broken! Not all toy companies are so uncaring. When I purchased my first Lottie doll, one of her shoes was flawed. I just wanted a new shoe but the company sent me another doll, very nicely. So hang in there.

    1. Yeah some companies are great. MGA sent me a huge box of goodies when I complained about their staining on one of their brand new dolls. It was cool. But it's not like I wanted a handout here, I just wanted them to send me a returns label so I could just pop it in the post back to them rather than having to go all the way to argos which is a whole bus journey for me and a huge hassle. And to just acknowledge it was a problem. *sigh* I think my money will be going to Resinsoul from now on, because nothing playline is really working for me. MGA have given up on so many of their lines and hasbro's all princesses and stuff. Spinmaster seem to have given up on dolls too which is a real shame as those guys genuinely give a crap about their products. Smaller companies care more, big companies, you're an ant, a drop in the ocean. You just don't matter and so they just shrug and ignore you. It's crappy.

  4. Thank you for sharing your feelings, the last playline dolls I bought for myself were Zombie Shake Venus and Rochelle...I have since put away my Monster high dolls and only bring them out for customizing, because the guilt of spending so much on dolls I don't interact with is too much.

    I feel so guilty to the point where every time I try to buy a Monster High doll I like...I just can't, I start crying and just walk away.

    But I don't feel the same about buying a foreign BJD, because they're sturdy and I can spend a long time customizing them...so I feel like it was worth spending extra to start a new project...and keep my mind busy.

    1. yeah thats kinda where i'm gonna end up i think. Certainly the small companies like those who make bjds give more craps about their product and their customers. Resinsoul were lovely when my first bjd arrived broken (I cried lol) and sent me a load of stuff which was amazing. Customer service is so important particularly in a competitive market and especially with littler companies, which means they're generally a lot more understanding and a lot more desperate to work with you. Big companies like Mattel? we customs are like ants, we're teeny and insignificant in the grand scheme. They're big enough they can handle any slumps in sales, they can swallow any losses. Small companies can't do that, they rely heavily on word of mouth and return customers. Mattel? they've been around so long the word "barbie" is used to refer to ALL fashion dolls. Of course they don't care, because they're so enormous and so bloated they just can't die.

  5. Saffy here,
    This is my exact problem - It takes a HUGE mental leap of faith or whatnot for me to spend money on non-essentials for myself so it's just not an option to purchase any Monster high or Fashionistas dolls brand new and have it wonked or leaking glue because it tarnishes the purchase experience too much.It's no longer a treat but work... or worse. Not being able to go out to the shops and choose the right face is another factor, as amazon doll purchases are basically blind.
    I managed to work around this pathological refusal to spend on myself by getting second hand (if sometimes still in box) and under £10 - that way I can sort of mentally justify the work involved to remove the glue, add plugs, fix damaged eyebrows etc...
    That's why I'm like 2 years behind on fashion dolls.
    And yeah, I'm more likely to take all the saved up hobby money and spend it on an old school Pullip + new body + wig: I know exactly what I'm getting that way! I can totally see getting into BJD with a fixer upper or a cheap tiny because Mattel has lost all good faith I might of had with their continued shady business practices.

    1. I started just like that. Second hand dolls I could fix. Then I went into sales. Nowadays I just buy those that reaaaally get to me, and its often 1 or 2 per month, no more. And those used to be MH, but with these reboot crab I'm afraid I'll do the same as you, save my money and go for BJD. At least those have a better customer service, because they actually care what people say out there.

  6. I'm afraid to say I'll be doing the same. While I still purchase some of the old dolls I find around, I haven't even tried to buy one from the reboot line. They don't look okay for me, they lost all their spark, and I don't care what people say out there that they look cuter, I went into this line because they were different. They were monsters, and they were the type of doll I would have loved as a kid.

    But NOOO! Make them look cute! Because we don't have enough barbies out there! Ever After High is a nice line, but I only have two of them, why? Because if I wanted cute dolls, I would go for motherf****** Barbie!

    Ugh...sorry about that, I needed to rant a bit. I also have observed another things in Mattel lately. I've never had the "pleasure" of contacting them, but I've bought two of the new Barbies and hooooly ship what a sight. One of them lost her head right out of the box (easily reatachable, but don't touch her too much or it'll pop out again), and those hard, hollow plastic legs...those pose arms that look like they're posing for the camera. "Hey there, I'm a plane pilot! Let me stand there and look pretty!" Good Lord...

    So when I saw the MH reboot in the stores I was all like "This is a joke right? They're kidding me. This is fake, or just a temporary joke, and they'll go back, right?"
    Apparently not.

    So yeah, barely a year of being a doll collector, and I'm already abandoning one of my main brands for dolls. Kudos to you Mattel.